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Trail Cam Friday March 19th

Okay, March can just suck it. (and the Peanuts that know me really well know it’s not really what I want to say!)

So many things! WHAT THE HELL happened in our universe!?

This virus! UGH! Everyday there is a new email or text alert saying this business or this service is closed for the next few weeks.  Our little town is pretty empty right now. (and not just the toilet paper thing either!! BTW if you can explain to me why the toilet paper is being rationed at the store I would love to know. I dueeeeeeeeeeNOT understand it.)

The Husband and I are self isolating just as a precaution. The Husband has M.S. and we don’t need to bring anything into the house. I refuse to let the man get sick! HE HAS WORK to do!!!!! This house still has a TON more work to get done.

Speaking of work to do. We just got a triple ton more work added to our plate.  We had a wind storm come through on Friday and let me tell you we have MASS destruction. Seriously. We are still counting the LARGE trees; *we’ve counted 30+ so far.  These trees came clear out, the root ball is tall than ME and the roots are bigger than my fist!  Moving the trees that feel across the driveway took two men to saw the trees into pieces they could carry. We are talking big trees!! So, two trees off the road…… many, many, more left to cut into firewood. Soooooooooo much work.

Last week I moved the trail cam otherwise y’all would have been able to see the tree in the front of the house fall.  Yup, missed that set of shots by 12 hours!

The inside of the house is a disaster. You’d think being self isolating would mean my house would  be sparkling clean and organized. It’s not. I have no umphhh to do it either!!

Okay sorry Friday is supposed to be a fun post with wildlife pictures taken in the new spot! AND added bonus I remembered to finally grab the trail cam from the old spot so I snagged some old pictures to share too.  LOOK at all that snow!!!! It’s gone now thankfully.

Those are the old pictures. From January and February.

Now these next ones are from the main camera. Nothing too interesting.

Except of course when the turkey’s MOONed the camera!

Stay well little Peanuts. We’ll get through this together.


  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Wow! Now that’s quite a spead of tail feathers. They are beautiful in their own way. Oh and the deer, that’s just a given! Love them too.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Your stores have toilet paper to ration????? The shelves here are empty. They get it in, put it out and people grab it instantly, even when they ration it. I don’t get why people think they’ll be locked in with all this t.p. for months?

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