April 11th Photo-A-Day TROPHIES

My TROPHIES are different than most. I don’t do sports so there will never be a little baseball player on a trophy. Not even in school! I do NOT run. As a matter of fact if you DO see me running. Keep up or run faster cause sumthin’ big is headed our way!

I bowl but with a 135 average I am not gonna get a trophy that way.

I haven’t gone hunting since I moved away from home in 1977! So, no heads on the wall here.

Nope, my trophies are photographs. Since moving to Sandpoint, Idaho my Nikon, my Galaxy S8 phone and my trail cams have given me amazing canvas worthy trophies!! My wildlife WALL of Fame is just off the master-bedroom, down 5 steps before you hit Alice’s room (okay, the guest-room if you want to get technical) the exercise room and The Husbands office. YES!! His office is on the OPPOSITE side of the house and 2 floors up from my craft room! Am I smart or WHAT?!?!

Side tracked YET again!!

To give you an idea as to where most of these were taken and exactly how close to the house these are; this first shot is taken from my craft room door. The green support beam is where my trail cam is secured. You can see the strap midway down. So, close! They are VERY close. Which makes these shots such great trophies!


I present to you MY trophies! Bears, bucks, deer, moose and a snowman! Click on the pictures to enlarge if you want to see better details. I think one of my favorites will always be the two deer looking at each other and it looks like a mirror image. I caught that on my Trail Cam. What amazing time was that?!?!

BTW anyone have a prompt for me?!? Or are you a million times over bored with this Photo-A-Day idea?

You can add it to the comments and get credit on the $50 Your Way giveaway. See?? I’m a sweetheart!!


  • Rosie

    I love the photo-a-day. I’m excited every day to see what is next, like a favorite tv series that you could OD on. The photos are nice trophies!! You crack me up about the running, that is me, too. The last time I ran was so long ago, I still had a cell phone. But I had lost it, and was running to where I thought I had left it, a police officer saw me running and looked like he was going to stop me. I finally found my phone, it had fallen down into my pants to about my ankle and finally got stuck there!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, my goodness, those bears! Don’t let Bear run into the bears…she might think they’re just big dogs!! I think a month in the life of Bear would be a cute idea for your Photo-a-day series, which I enjoy by the way.

    • Connie Gruning

      Tamra! OH MY GOODNESS!! I could easily do a MONTH in the life of Bear. That is a great idea! Watch out May! Since Bear is still such a baby (only 8 months old) we still use a leash when we take her outside. Tooooo many temptations on our little mountain.

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