April 10th Photo-A-Day Signs Of Spring

It is a gloomy day here in Sandpoint, Idaho. The sky is gray. It’s been raining on and off all day and expected to continue till next week.

Ackkkkkkkkkk that mud hole at the end of the driveaway is only gonna get worse. I should have kept track of the number of stuck vehicles that had to be pulled out of the mud. Some are so stuck that I think they may just pop up on a USED CAR for sale site with a side note that says owner must pick up, no delivery available.

So, my Signs Of Spring could be pictures of the mud hole, but that’s boring and I want to get back to binge watching Game Of Thrones. (HOW have I never watched this?!?! Season 2 and I’m thoroughly addicted! I’ve also wasted 3 full days. Thank Heavens I’m retired!)

So, back to Spring!! These are a few pictures that Bear and I snapped on our walk. I don’t know what the draw is to moss covered rocks but they really intrigue me. Mind you this boulders are HUGE!

Can’t you just hear the quiet?? This second picture is looking out into what we’ve been calling the Zen Area. It’s a big flat rock covered in inches deep moss. A great place to just sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds.

Unless of course, someone else is using the spot!! Then we just have stare downs.




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