Photo-A-Day For April Slowly

When I saw today’s prompt for the Photo-A-Day I immediately thought of Michele and her newly done driveway!  I thought ya know what I HAVE THE PERFECT set of pictures!!!

See this is how my mind works. Michele has a new drive and I put that together with me having to walk SLOWLY to the front door because of the walkway.

Seriously, who designs a walkway that is so uneven? It’s pretty. But, when you come visit walk SLOWLY!

SERIOUSLY!! Watch where you step and walk up to the door slowly! It is a beautiful view to the house so it’s easy to forget to look down.

See the little rocks?  Those are courtesy of the 4 legged guests you will see below. Digging for MY FLOWERS!!

Some of our guests are very sure footed, flower eating cute!


  • Tamra Phelps

    The walkway is definitely pretty but I don’t know if I would attempt to walk it, lol. I’d be wobbling all over the place.

  • Michele Soyer

    The walkway is very pretty.. paving stones always add a rustic look.. As for your deer I don’t want to get you into trouble but if you put out apples and potatoes they just might leave your flowers be!

    • Connie Gruning

      Michele, I did leave out apples and that brought the bears. LOL! NOT that I complain because truly they are so cute!! (I will not pet the bear. I will not try to touch the bear. I will not make friends with the bear. BUT they look like sweet little teddy bears!! I will not touch the bears!!)
      The fact that the bears get so close to the house freaks out my daughter SO MUCH she threatens not to send Alice for a visit. Sooooo shhhhhhhh we don’t tell her about the apples!! Insert my big cheesy grin here.
      I am so thankful she is too busy to read the blog.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I love that you have a thermometer on your post. Th’at’s how you know someone lives in a place where it gets either really cold or really hot!

  • Rosie

    It is pretty, the walkway has the casual feel, nothing too “machined” like it belongs in an urban area. The deer think of it as the Sandpoint version of yellow brick road! follow it, they say!! and they sure do!!

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