TSONG LED Light Up Shoes Review


Want to make a five-year-old giddy? Grab a pair of TSONG Light Up LED shoes! Alice was giddy over these shoes because they match The MaMa’s LED shoes.

These shoes have cloth uppers that are almost a knit material. The rubber soles that have embedded LED lights inside. The TSONG shoes arrive with a unique charger; a USB plug that separates into two plugs so you can charge both shoes at the same time. That charger is a very nice feature.


On the side of each of the shoes facing towards each other is a leather half-moon. This is the Velcro pocket that keeps the charger slash on-off button secure. My only real whine with these shoes is that I wish the Velcro pocket was deeper because it’s difficult to close unless you have the charger adjusted perfectly.

The uppers are soft cloth and speckled black and white. My favorite feature is the pull ties, no having to watch out for untied shoe laces.

Comfort; the five-year-old says they are squishy and comfortable. She wants to wear them all day. Everyday.

imageThe shoes charge in about 3 hours. The shoes hold a charge for at least 6 hours unless you have them on constant then it’s a little less.

The shoes light up in several different colors, you can opt to have them flash or stay on solid simply by pushing the button on the shoes. To turn them off you can push the button 11 times or hold the button down for 5 seconds.

Do not wash these in the machine they are not waterproof. You can wipe them down with a damp cloth.


My only whine is that leather pocket on the side of each shoe, I wish it was deeper. Other than that pocket, these are fun and comfortable shoes.



  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, boy! I would have wanted these as a kid! I can’t believe we now have to plug in our shoes to charge them lol!

  • jennifer bowen

    I seen them at the state fair and really wanted to get a pair but well passed them up do to how much thay cost. but well thay are really cool


    I want to twinkle like you guys too although a simple wipe down wouldn’t be enough to contend with my grown up feet and the Irish weather!

  • michele soyer

    These make me feel like a kid.. I could wear them with my grandson who has shoes that light up and we can both twinkle.. LOL such fun and the pocket in the shoes is good also…

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