LingTom Vintage Hobo Canvas Handbag Review

Yes, it’s true I have a problem. A true addiction to purses!! I have to say, as a self-proclaimed purse addict I am happy to add this large LingTom canvas handbag to my collection.

imageI ordered the brown coffee color and it’s the perfect shade of brown! Brown on the greenish side. This bag goes with everything!image

The bag has a top zipper, unfortunately it doesn’t go from end to end, there is a 3″ gap on both sides. Which poses a problem if you carry a lot of small items.image

Inside this bag are two large compartments separated by a large zippered compartment. There is a large ring on both sides so it would be very easy to add a carabiner to hold the purse securely closed if you wanted to. This purse holds a LOT of stuff! Including wallet, makeup bag, iPad, planner, camera and the miscellaneous items I need with a five-year-old in tow.imageOn one side of the purse there are two open pockets; one easily holds my phone and the other my little pocket camera.image

The opposite side of the purse has a zippered pocket; perfect for my lip gloss, mirror and more. There is also a sturdy hook to attach my keys so I’m not digging around for them.
This bag doesn’t have a strap. You can put this bag on your shoulder, it’s a tight fit but it can be done. I do wish that there was a shoulder strap included.
imageThe bag is made of a heavy duty premium canvas. The bag is fully lined with a heavy cloth material in a coordination color, however the lining isn’t attached to the bag on the bottom only one the top/sides inside.
All seams are well sewn. The zippers all work smoothly.


My only whines are the fact that the main zipper doesn’t go from end to end and small items can fall out of this bag if it gets turned upside down. I also wish the handles were a little bit larger so I could comfortably put this on my shoulder. Over all I am quite happy with this canvas hobo handbag.



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