Bamoer Princess Cut CZ Bridal Set Review

I LOVE this Bamoer 2 Pieces White Gold Plated Princess Cut Round Brilliant Diamond CZ Ladies Women Bridal Set.  The Bamoer is an absolutely stunning set and I couldn’t be happier. When I first saw it I was shocked at how real and full of sparkle this ring has.

I’m a hair stylist and am ALWAYS  ruining my jewelry.  I ordered this set so that I could enjoy wearing a nice ring set similar to my original wedding and engagement rings, while doing hair, without having to stress about color and styling products ruining it. It is PERFECT!  I’ve worn it every day since it arrived, it has been submerged in water and hair chemicals and still looks brand new.

Now…I have to admit that when I first got it (and did so without telling my dear hubby) my husband kind of freaked out on me! He was like, “Where did you get that from? Who bought that for you? I didn’t buy that for you so what will you tell everyone when they ask you about your new wedding set?” Etc…sheesh! I had no clue it would bug him that I was wearing something other than my true wedding set. But I nicely explained to him that I would let everyone who asks know that HE got it for me and was how it was SO thoughtful of him that he didn’t want me ruining my beautiful original wedding set so bought me this one to wear for work. Hah! That worked like a charm and so I’m now proudly wearing this stunning set daily to work. If only I had the time to get a mDSC_1387anicure done, lose the finger fat (along with the body fat) then it would look perfect on my hand!!
I would highly recommend this gorgeous set to everyone.  Not one single complaint!

This post was written by my dear friend Deborah a regular contributor here on PBnWhine. Learn more about Deborah HERE and check out her new blog The Hairy Bacon Dot Com


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