EGRD Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Style Headphones Review

This is the most unique pair of headphones that I own. First, the sound is outstanding. I get clear, crisp sound from my iPad and my Samsung Galaxy S4. The look is matte black with silver accents. BEAUTIFUL!!

The EGRD Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Style Headphones are comfortable to wear because the body of these headphones rests behind your neck, lightweight and oh so comfortable. The ear buds pull out very easily and fit snug and comfortably in my ears.

When I’m done listening to music touch two small buttons on the side for auto retracting the ear buds. VERY COOL!! All of the buttons are easily felt so you don’t have to take the headset off to turn them off, adjust volume, switch songs or answer the phone.

This headset also folds up nicely to tuck in my backpack or my purse. LOVE!!

Connecting my headset couldn’t be any faster if it tried. SX-991 pops up with lightening speed. One touch and BAMB connected.
Talking on my phone couldn’t be easier the button is easily found on the outer arm along with an on/off switch; along with volume control.

I am THRILLED with this headset!! Bass! WOW! Rich bass! I’ve tried everything from Country music to Christmas Carols. Jazz to soft music and I’m blown away by the crisp sound! I watch a lot of movies via my iPad and Hulu and this headset means I don’t miss a single word!

When I’m listening to my music, when I get a phone call the right side of this headset vibrates to signal an incoming phone call. I LOVE THAT!! I’ll never miss a phone call again.

Battery life is excellent. Added bonus when you turn this headset on a very pleasant voice tells you the status of the battery. No more guessing! Get this! 300 hours of standby time!! 16 hours of music time or 18 hours of talk time.

There is a secure cover for the USB charging point, easy to open but stays securely shut when not in use.


Not a single whine here!! The signal is strong up to 30 feet! The sound quality of these EGRD Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Style Headphones is amazing!! I’m thoroughly loving this headset!!


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  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, 16 to 18 hours of music/talk time sounds pretty great to me! I like the design, too, especially how they fit on the back of the head.

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