April 14th Photo-A-Day ENTRANCE

So, my plan for the Photo-A-Day prompt of ENTRANCE was going to be the tree house. But, it’s raining. I’m sugar! I WILL MELT!! Okay, fine. I just don’t wanna tromp through the mud to go to the scary tree house. So instead you get the entrance to our home.

Oh and a side note here we are getting a new roof; a metal one so that the snow slides off. I’m thinking red. Whadda you think? Some of the accent pieces on the decks and under the awnings are painted red. I thought it would be a nice compliment. BUT since we are in the middle of the woods would it be TOO much?? Should I just stick to a deep green? This is not our house or our roof; this is just for example.

So, back to my photo prompt.

This is my entrance from porch to the inside. The entry is small with or large? Open the door and you are immediately on the main floor. Stairs to the right and a pantry closet. Kitchen to the left and main living area straight ahead. AND BEAR right there to meet you!!

Seriously, Bears butt it makes me laugh every time!

Ohhhh and the see the red on the hand rails? That is the color I’m thinking about for the roof?  Or stick to the green like this?  Again, not my house just a roof color for reference.  My house is the one on the right, with the moss rock.

Okay, you guys ponder that and I am going to go finish binge watching Game of Thrones. HOLY MOLY, how have I never watched this before!??!



  • Rosie

    I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. I love this series of photos!!!! I do like the red, but if it was me, I would stay neutral, unless many houses in the area go red on the roof. It could be a huge sticking point if you ever want to sell, something a new buyer can’t just paint, etc. I know you just bought it, but if/when I move, I intend to only make changes that make or keep it easy to sell again. Also, I notice some houses have things I can’t change as regards color, etc, that I would not want to pay too change, too costly. I’d show my sass with interior decor and outdoor colors esp fairly plain/vanilla.

    • Connie Gruning

      Rosie, that’s a great point with the staying neutral. For resale if the day ever comes. As far as neighbors there aren’t any. No one can see the house with the dense trees everywhere so we don’t have to worry about any complaints that way.
      You made a really good point though for resale……….. course it will be our kids that have to sell. The Husband says this is the FOREVER home.

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