April 16th Photo-A-Day TINY

I was headed upstairs to scour the house for my idea of TINY when it hit me I have an entire shelf dedicated to TINY!
I’ve mentioned before, this house has some of the oddest corners and peculiar areas. Like a small alcove just before my craft room. The HUGE area at the top of the steps outside the master bedroom that serves no purpose. I don’t understand the rhyme or reason to several areas. This lip or shelf as you leave the craft room isn’t really large enough to do anything with. So as the construction workers found things they started setting them on that lip.

The collection then only continued to grow. Alice added to it. Our son Zachary on his visit added to it with a tiny little green army man that is only the size of a thumbnail. Now; it’s officially a little spot.

There is an identical area above the garage door. Unfortunately it will require a ladder to get to and some thought of WHAT to put up there. I am leaning heavily towards my Mason Jar collection. They would be up and out of the way. Unique. AND I will add museum putty to the bottoms so they don’t move or fall off.

The worst part of the TINY shelf? I have to move all those TINY things to dust it. Y’all know what that means right??? Yea……. it hasn’t been dusted in FOREVER!!  But, I did my pictures as is……….. so yea……. I really should dust soon.

Ohhhhhhhh what will I post tomorrow??? Any ideas??



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Connie, the book I’m reading has a serial killer living in a house like yours (Koontz, so you can imagine!).

    The doll is about a quarter the size of my little finger and the beads were once part of a rosary. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I found a teeny weeny china doll or baby years ago when we lived in what had been a workhouse and sanitarium for the ‘destitute and deserving’ of the area. It had fallen through the floorboards. We think it might have been from a nativity scene or similar. We also found some blue glass beads and lots of clay smoking pipes in the garden. I sometimes look at the tiny doll and wonder about who held her, their stories …

  • Crystal K

    I’m loving the photo-a-day challenge. This takes me back to being a kid – my mom always collected miniatures and on rainy days she’d get the display box down and let me play with them! SUCH a treat.

    • Connie Gruning

      Dana, if you could see the layer of dust on this shelf! OH MY GOSH! I don’t dare move anything. LOL! Because of the shadow on the ledge you can’t tell it’s dusty until you move something. NEVER MOVING the tiny stuff again. EVER!!

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