Worlds Smallest For Unique Toys!! Super Impulse ROCKS!!

Last year I was lucky enough to review the tiniest Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone and the Fisher-Price™ Rock-A-Stack. Both toys are still in Alice’s Barbie House and still as cute as the day they arrived and they still WORK!!

Well, this year I was offered the 1959 BARBIE doll. Yeah….. the kid isn’t getting MY Barbie. She is an EXACT duplicate of the Barbie I played with as a kid. Same eye liner, curled hair and stripped swimsuit. Except that she is teeny tiny!!  Her head moves, her arms move and she can even hold her stylish sunglasses.

There’s Even MORE World’s Smallest Items!

SI (Super Impulse) has so many Worlds Smallest items that I can’t wait to get my hands on! FOR ME!! To heck with the kid she can get her own toys!

I want the TINY Etch-A-Sketch!  A super small WORKING Etch-A-Sketch!

Little Green Army Men
PEZ Dispenser that dispenses REAL CANDY!!

Worlds Smallest PEZ dispenser

Even Gumby and Pokey!! Yes, they really do bend just like the one’s I owned as a kid!


Magic 8 Ball™ Seek advice from the World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball! With 10 answers ranging from positive, negative and neutral, the Magic 8 Ball helps you with life’s toughest questions.
HOLD the PHONE!!! There is a Worlds Smallest SOCK MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Impulse also has some fun normal size retro toys. How about the WIZ-Z-Z-ER The Original Worlds Wildest Whirler!!  It’s a top on steroids!!

Now, ask me if I can make this work. Yeah… the answer is ……….”we wait for the kid to get here” She can teach me.

1959 Smallest BarbieWHINES

Not a single one. These are fun, amazing really because they are tiny, working replicas of the original toys!! Collect ‘me all, play with them or display them! I love these classic toys. I adore Barbie!! Always have. Always WILL!

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  • Terri S.

    My 2 granddaughters have handmade Advent calendars that have pockets. These World’s Smallest Toys are perfect for them. I like their smallest Rubik’s cube, matchbox cars, pez dispensers and more. Thanks for letting me know about them. 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    I remember when there was just one Barbie, & then you bought new outfits for her. I remember when they finally brought out a new Barbie, I think it was Malibu Barbie. From there, everything just exploded, lol. I wonder how many different Barbies there are now?

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