Here’s What to Expect After a Serious Accident

Front part of car after an accident

Serious accidents happen every day. Around 2 million drivers experience permanent injuries from car accidents every year. That’s around 5,479 people a day. And if those numbers sound terrifying, you should remember that those are just the injuries from auto accidents.

If we just stick with cars, we still have a number of ways to encounter an accident. There are dozens of things we can do wrong that result in an accident. And we are far from the only drivers on the road that could be guilty of a slip-up. The real tragedy is when we suffer from an accident that was no fault of our own. The consequences are just as real.

That’s why a lawyer is a must in cases like this. Reputable firms such as Bachus & Schanker LLC specialize in personal injury law to help survivors of serious accidents fight the big insurance companies for proper compensation. That leads into one of the first life changes one can expect after a serious accident:

Money and Doctors

After an accident, money and doctors go together. If you have a good car attorney who fights a successful case, you will end up with both. You may end up with enough money to change your life. You might go from hundreds to millions overnight. That is not to say that it won’t take time to get through the legal process and get payments started. But at the end of the process is more money than you have likely seen at one time.

But that money comes at a high price. And the people waiting to receive a large share of it are doctors. You will be seeing a team of specialists on a regular basis for a long time. Even if the bills are covered by the judgment, something like a brain injury directly affects your life financially in a number of ways. Besides money and doctors, a permanent injury brings a few other things to your life.

Accessibility Accommodations

If you live in a nice house with a grand staircase, you are going to have to consider different accommodations if your legs were injured in the accident. You either have to sell your home and move to a flat, or you have to be prepared to make some modifications to the home so that it is more accessible to you.

Elevators can be difficult to install at any price due to the construction and layout of the home. But stair lifts can be installed in almost every configuration of stairs in a home. If there are steps leading up to the home, ramps are very easy to install. Mobility can be achieved via power chairs. There is almost nothing that a person confined to a wheelchair can’t do. So expect to make some accommodations for your injury. But also expect to continue living life to the fullest.


Even Supergirl sinks into depression when she finds that her powers are gone. That is a normal thing to experience. And you will experience it. Just know that it is normal, and you can recover from it. But you will need professional help to do so. Depression is not something that you want to tackle alone.

It is not easy to suffer a major loss. That is true whether we are talking about a loss of a loved one or the loss of a job. And that leads us to the other major change for which you should be prepared.


There is a good chance that you will never again do the type of work you did before the accident. That does not mean that you will have to stop working. You just might have to find something else to do. This is the one aspect of a permanent injury you can prepare for in advance.

Take a moment to think about what you can do for a living if you suddenly couldn’t do the job you are doing right now. If you can’t think of anything, now is a good time to prepare yourself with more skills and different certifications.

Finances, accessibility, depression, and careers are sure to be among the changes you face after a major accident. This is a reminder to develop the kinds of relationships that survive beyond personal injury.


  • michele

    Thank God I or any member of my family have never been in a car accident….The trauma emotionally and physically can be with you for years after….

  • Tracy Robertson

    Really scary stuff! It’s good to have the information though. Every day I drive carefully but so many other cars are reckless.

  • Jennifer Boehme

    I never realized how much an ambulance ride 15 minutes was after a serious accident till I had to use it. The charges for everything that was used on me, and the ride was outrageous, but I am glad I got to hospital fast.

  • Kelly

    I was in a really bad accident and it changed everything. I am blessed to have a great family that held me up when i couldn’t, and a doctor that helped ensure I could reach the best of my ability. These are things to consider as you plan for the future. It does not always go as expected, and those instances should be planned for.

  • Karen Raider

    I hope to never experience a bad accident. It is important to know money doesn’t have to be an issue to losing your life’s work, too.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I was in a crash about 20 years ago. I was driven into by a young woman on her way back from a funeral. I was left with a dislocated shoulder & whiplash but she sued me! Apparently she suffered loss of earnings due to a back injury but then I saw her carrying beer barrels outside her family pub. I informed my solicitor who managed to get photos of her ‘in action’ AND wearing glasses, which she hadn’t been while driving. Long story short, she dropped the case & I sued her. My shoulder still hurts when I get tired.

  • Debbie P

    If you get hurt do NOT see a chiropractor… EVER!!! I saw one for three years in my early 20’s and I’m on disability now. See a physical therapist or two or ten!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Even minor accidents leave you shaken. Serious ones are a nightmare & take time to deal with (emotionally & physically.) When I was 4, my Mom’s youngest sister (just 9) was killed in a car wreck, my grandmother was badly hurt & her husband (they had just been married about 3 months) was killed, along with his daughter-in-law. His son was badly hurt, too. They were hit head on by a semi. I still feel anxious when we’re driving near semis.

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