April 6th Photo-A-Day In The Kitchen

Day 37 of my own personal Photo-A-Day challenge. SWEEEEEEEET!!! If you are new here I have hit a rut with my blogging so I decided to share pictures from our new home in Sandpoint, Idaho. The entire month of March I dedicated to my amazing craft-room. It’s HUGE!!!! It’s also very chaotic at times. Okay most of the time, let’s not dwell on the mess! I actually prefer to call it a creative process.  I like that! I’m going to keep using it.

Aside from scaring several people with my mess, the sheer size of the room or the dolls. Soooo sorry Heather! Guess I should have put a warning before the pictures of Suzy??

So today I’m trudging up 17 stairs for a picture From The Kitchen.

Soooooooo y’all know me I couldn’t decide if that was a picture standing in the kitchen?  Something I MADE in the kitchen? Look OUT from the kitchen. Gesh!! Inside my head is such a FUN place to be!!

So, I did a little of each. Standing in my kitchen which is on the main floor; is the kitchen, dining-room and family room. So these are pictures of my kitchen. Still not done. I have barnwood that I plan to use as a backsplash to cover all the mistakes from our HORRIBLE contractor at Home Depot. I will not go there today…….. I promise. (NO PAUL at Sandpoint, Ponderay Home Depot. He is bad!) except that. Now onto the pictures.

Doing the dishes isn’t a real chore when you can look out and enjoy this view. Very dreary day today, raining like crazy so it’s not as beautiful as normal. Yes, that is a Christmas decoration in the window. He’s just so COOL looking I didn’t want to put him away. It’s made on an old bed spring. Don’t judge me!  Okay, go ahead but at least admit he is cute! 

The view that I have when I’m prepping our meals. So this is from INSIDE the kitchen. See the box leaned up to the wall? Those are my barn wood slats. I can’t wait!!!

Last but not least FROM the Kitchen. Bread! I’m making homemade bread!!  This loaf is a garlic bread and soooooooo good!! It’s a no-knead bread! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM



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