What Is Hospice Care?

I  gotta be honest here; I had a totally different idea of what Hospice Care was. I truly live in my own little fairy-tale land. Seriously. Some of the things that I review just amaze me!! I can’t believe that they exist. Automation faaaaagetaboutit!  Simple things like the fax machine? BLOWS my mind!!  HOW does my machine know what the other person sent me!?  So, basically I’m a kid in a grown up body.

So, in my own little fairy-tale world I heard the word Hospice and I pictures one of those movies where this nurse in a crisp white uniform, white tights, white shoes, snappy little nurses hat comes in and totally takes over.  Is with my Mom 24/7 and I basically get to be the daughter that just sits here next to Mom and hold her hand. Talk to her and take regular bathroom breaks with the door shut. THAT Hospice may exist for a financial class way, way (like light years) way above ours but it’s not OUR Hospice.

Fairy-tale aside Hospice is amazing. I am amazed. I am grateful. I am feeling blessed.  We picked Silverado San Diego for Mom’s Hospice.

Christmas DAY!!! CHRISTMAS DAY!! We made the decision to bring Mom home and I had a social worker at Mom’s beside within an hour!! ON CHRISTMAS!!!  Three hours later ON CHRISTMAS we had our coordinating nurse Tim explaining the details, working out the plans, coordinating with the hospital staff. EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t have to worry or stress about another SINGLE detail.

ON CHRISTMAS DAY! The hospital bed was delivered to Moms room. The care kit with her medication was delivered. EVERYTHING!!!  These people could have been home with their families celebrating Christmas but they were COMFORTING ME, CARING for my entire family!!!  They were taking care of every single detail.

Tuesday morning Tim at Silverado arranged for Mom to be brought home. He spent four, count ’em FOUR hours here with me showing me how to do everything from giving Mom medication, changing her, cleaning her. Every single detail. No question too silly. More, was the comfort and the constant reassurance that I had done the right thing cause ya know me and the guilt thing I got going here. I am truly feeling blessed.

Today is Wednesday. Silverado has already sent an aide (another amazing person) to give Mom a bath and wash her hair.  Okay seriously, where does Silverado find all these amazing people?!?! I can’t get over how NICE, CARING!! LOVING people that God has sent to me since Friday.

Mom’s not in any pain right now. I’m feeling blessed and in terrible need for a shower and a nap!! More soon.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I’m glad you have your Mom at home. It wasn’t an option for us (Mom just didn’t have that kind of time after being taken off the ventilator)–but I think being at home is what almost everyone would prefer.

  • Rosie

    I’m glad to hear this, as I’ve read some recent very negative articles about hospice care at home. You are a trooper, hang in there, and continued prayers for you, your mom and family.

  • Maureen

    I give praise to those who help in times like this.
    Two months ago my father became our angel. The last few days he was brought home to my sister’s place and hospice was there. Hospice was there so we could be there with our dad.
    Prayers are with you during this time.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I never knew you could have hospice care at home. What a brilliant organisation to help Mum, you and the family come to terms with what’s happening. Love, as always xxx

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