In Praise Of Silverado Hospice

There is no change in Mom’s condition. She is comfortable. Sleeping most of the time. Her breathing is very shallow at this point and she is opening her eyes less frequently today. But like the granny in the movie The Croods STILL ALIVE!!

I’m going to start sounding like I WORK for Silverado Hospice!!  I’m just so impressed and grateful to the people that have come into our lives these last 4 days I want to share my experience.

Yesterday’s post I talked about what Hospice care is through my eyes. I don’t work for Silverado, I had truthfully never even known they existed until Christmas Day, let alone have any inkling of an idea of what they did. (Except, remember the fantasy idea I had, just read yesterdays post)

Yesterday afternoon Mom WE had two more visitors. Our family is assigned a Social Worker. (When I first heard Social Worker I immediately thought … I dunno state worker? Like am I going to lose custody of Mom if they don’t like what I am doing? What if the house isn’t clean? AND it ISN’T! What if…. ) But that’s not the case. The Social Worker actually works for Silverado she is like our advocate. (I dunno, maybe she can still revoke custody of Mom? I guess I should ask huh?) Our Social Worker is Selena. (Okay, seriously?! Spelled the same way that our Selena spells her name! She even has that deep TRUE laugh that our Selena has!!)  The minute she walked in the door I felt comfortable and at ease with her. She came in with such a warm smile. NOT a pity smile. NOT a my job SUCKS and you’re just a job smile. A smile that reached the eyes. A caring smile. What I really like is that she was okay with my sarcasm, the fact that I’m still picking on my Mom. She wasn’t offended. She wasn’t (or if she was she hid it good!) offended when a few choice words slipped out.  She never ever rushed through her questions. I swear it was like a family friend came to dinner and was interested in our FAMILY, not just Mom but all of us!! Sometimes we were so far off topic and laughing about stuff that I forgot for those few minutes that I was so incredibly sad. I was laughing. Out loud. Without crying. So, as weird as it sounded to me having a social worker assigned to you is important. They are here for comfort and HELP!!  I hope if you are ever in my position you get your own Selena.

Next up was the nurse (Yeah, we were a busy house hold yesterday!) Seriously, where is Silverado finding these people?! How can each and every person that walks into our lives be as CARING, SWEET and HELPFUL as the last one?  HOW!?  BTW Silverado THANK YOU!!  You have truly hired the staff that will forever be in our hearts!)

Our RN Lisa, is so gentle and so sweet. Gently helping Mom get comfortable. Checking vitals. Laughing with us. At one point praising me for what a great job I was doing. Yeah, I fell apart then. Hospice no I take that back….. your Mom dying makes you feel lacking. What could I be doing that would help more? What could or should I do next. Getting a hug A GENUINE HUG from Lisa and the words “you are doing a great job” felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Now since I can’t see the computer screen anymore I’ll sign off for today.  More tomorrow. I love you all. I thank you so much for you kind, caring words. I feel your love!! I feel your hugs!! I truly appreciate the prayers you send our way. I have the best followers on earth!! Thank you my little Peanuts.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I know what Kate means. Mom was on a ventilator & we knew that when they removed it she would go in a matter of minutes. So, she would wake up & we could see she recognized us & was not happy on that ventilator…but we knew that when we removed the ventilator it would become very hard for her to breath and possibly lead to panic or pain. So, we made the decision to have her heavily sedated before removing the ventilator. (It wasn’t likely she could have spoken much to us anyway because breathing would’ve been so difficult.) I’m glad we got to be there with her, but I’ll always wish she had been able to speak to us when she was waking up. I’m glad you have found such wonderful people to guide you through this.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Oh Connie, it sounds ridiculous, but how I wish I my Dad had been in a similar position. Just to have been able to talk to him, to hold his hand, to share his last moments… Silly and selfish I know but there you go. Treasure each and every moment always.

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