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Sleep On a Cloud!! GHOSTBED Sheets

On a cloud…. in a cloud…… sleeping all cuddled in the softest sheets E-V-E-R!

The GHOSTBED Sheets are made of Supima Cotton Sheets!! Let’s see if I can describe how soft these sheets are.

These are cool to the touch (oh thank YOU Ghostbed you are making night sweats SO MUCH easier to deal with!!)

These sheets are ‘fancy meets fancy’ hotel sheets!! I imagine the Plaza in New York uses these sheets and if they don’t well, THEY SHOULD!!

Supima Cotton is 100% certified Pima Cotton. Supima cotton is one of the finest quality grown cotton in the US. Made using longer, smoother, and cleaner yarn, the result is a softer and more plush feel. Additionally, Supima premium cotton is also more durable, able to withstand washing year after year and maintains its original shape, feel and comfort.

The World’s First Luxury Performance Sheet Set

The GhostBed Sheet Set is made with a revolutionary combination of materials, featuring the extreme resilience of Supima cotton and the luxurious comfort of TENCEL® fibers.

TENCEL® and Supima Cotton sheets were originally only reserved for high-end retailers, with prices starting at $600.

GhostBed sheets are amazingly soft, lightweight, and cool. I imagine THIS is what a cloud would feel like.

The perfect blend of of Supima cotton and tencel fibers creating a unique weave of durability and ultra plush comfort.

Softness CHECK (BIG check mark!)

Fit CHECK The GhostBed sheets have this thing called GhostGrip. These sheets WILL STAY PUT!! I don’t care how much tossing and turning you do. These sheets will STAY on the mattress! The Ghostgrip is similar to a super wide elastic band it tucks under the mattress all the way around. How genius is that?!?! Truly the most securely fitting sheets I’ve ever owned.

These sheets are long enough to tuck in at the foot and SIDES of the bed!! GhostBed Sheets

Pillow Cases CHECK This was jaw dropping to me. There are FOUR yup, count ’em 4 pillow cases with the California King size sheet set. FINALLY!! FINALLY ALL MY (sorry I don’t mean to shout except that I am so excited!!!) BEDDING MATCHES!!!! All the pillows and the top and bottom sheets MATCH!!!! Hot Diggity!!!!!!

Look at how pretty my bedroom looks now!!!

Grab A Set!! You will NOT be sorry!! 

Ghostbed luxury sheets come with a 3 year warranty. Free shipping too!

I’m certain these clouds are jealous of my GhostBed luxury sheets!

GhostBed also offers the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers.
As well as pillows AND bed frames!


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