Brats On Board First Aid Kit Review

Brats On Board First Aid KitEveryone that has kids around even if it’s just occasionally needs to have a First Aid Kit. Brats on Board has truly thought of everything! From the case to the items inside!

The case is a compact semi hard shell case covered in orange canvas with First Aid and Brats On Board logo. The case has a double heavy-duty zipper and holds the zipper pulls closed with a carbineer. I love that feature because if you have kids you KNOW that kids and band aids are like flies to honey! They will have them unwrapped and decorating the walls and chairs and all of their baby dolls. Carbineer GREAT addition!!  The case is 5.5″ tall by 3.75″ wide and 2″ thick. Not only does this fit in the glove box of the car or the center console but also in a diaper bag or backpack for on the go times.

Inside the First Aid kit is jammed packed with all the tools you need for a First Aid emergency or even just boo-boo at NaNa’s house. The kit contains 85 pieces. From alcohol prep pads, antiseptic cleansing wipes, emergency whistle.  Also included is a triangular bandage to use as an arm sling.  Plastic gloves, small set of scissors and blister pads. 10 cotton swaps (think q-tips) 15′ elastic bandage, adhesive tape.

I’m not done! There is also a plastic cover for safe mouth to mouth. 10 butterfly bandages, 15 colored bandages for kids, along with 15 standard bandages. 2 fingertip bandages, 2 knee or elbow bandages along with 2 knuckle bandages. Also included is 3 safety pins and a pair of tweezers.  A sterile eye pad,  2 sterile gauze pads along with 4 sting relief pads. See?? Everything!! Also included are a set of absolutely adorable “I’m Brave” stickers which are guaranteed to make the injured child smile. (and pretend to be hurt, just to get the stickers!!)

More to love is the 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!


None, the Brats On Board First Aid kit is the perfect size for travel. To keep in my car or take on camping. The bright orange case and white First Aid symbol on the front makes it easy to find. The contents are excellent as well. I am thoroughly pleased. I also love the name! Brats on Board! So cute!



  • Tamra Phelps

    Yes, keeping that zipper ‘locked’ is genius. Several years ago, my niece got hold of the SpongeBob bandaids & ‘decorated’ my cane all the way up with them, lolol. If they can get to the bandaids, all they see are STICKERS! (She was so proud of herself!) This looks like a good addition to any home!

  • michele soyer

    A first aid kit in the car is a must.. It has to be big enough for all the essentials and a case that if someone sits on it does not crack.. this looks like a great buy….

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