Waterproof Electronic 6 in 1 Body and Facial Brush Skin Cleansing System Review

This is really the absolute coolest beauty tool. Check out the face and body cleansing system from Beauté La Royale.
It’s ridiculous how much I look forward to using this facial cleansing brush. The best way to describe the difference in washing my face with this system would be for you to imagine using a manual toothbrush after using an electric one, somehow it just seems less effective. Once you feel the difference you can’t go back. The first two times I used the system I only used it on one side of my face to see if it really made a difference. I wash my face twice a day religiously so I don’t want to waste my time on something if it’s not going to make a difference. The difference is incredible.

The 6 in 1 Skin Cleansing Kit: Comes with 1 waterproof and cordless rotating machine, 1 facial brush, 1 large body brush, 1 serum and moisturizer applicator sponge, 1 pumice stone, and BONUS 1 beautiful and stylish travel and storage bag.a face brush, The Cordless Sonic Rotating Cleanser Machine is sturdy for sure. I dropped it once and although the thing came apart it went back perfectly and never missed a beat. Its water-proof so it works in the shower for scrubbing feet, body and my face and it’s no louder than an electric tooth-brush.

The Face brush: perfect size, soft bristles, rinses easily.

The moisturizer sponge: At first I thought this attachment was weird but I wanted to give this system a fair evaluation. This little sponge is life changing. It evenly applies serum and moisturizer and has this incredible firming ability. I expected that the serum would soak in to the tool and I would have to waste more but it didn’t at all. The sponge distributes the moisturizer and serum evenly and dries quickly because they aren’t sitting on top of the skin slowing sinking in.

Pumice Stone: works like a normal pumice stone only faster and so can be used daily and quickly.

Body Brush: I like the size of the brush. the vibration of the brush is said to help reduce the signs of cellulite and who doesn’t like that? I’m paranoid about razor bumps and ingrown hairs so this attachment goes a long way to reduce both.

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None! I love the good clean well scrubbed feeling this cleansing brush system gives me. This is face and body cleansing system is definitely worth your money!



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