Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheets Review

Is there anything better than sleeping in? Cuddled up in bed in nice warm flannel sheets? I’m yawning as I’m writing!! I love flannel sheets. They are so very snuggly!! I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review this set of Yorkshire-Mayfair’s Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheet Set.
I chose the Baby Blue color in a Queen size. The color is perfection!! A soft robins egg blue. Seriously, doesn’t this color just scream spring?! Alice and I rate these flannel sheets a snuggle factor a 10 out of 10! Alice couldn’t wait to take a nap at NaNa’s house!! Say what?!!? NaNa LOVES love nap time!! Unfortunately the day Alice turned three she stopped taking one; so if she wants to cuddle up for a nap, I’m IN!! MOVE OVER kid!!

These sheets fit perfectly on my queen size memory foam mattress. The pockets are very deep and don’t come loose at night; which is saying a lot when you have a deep mattress. The top sheet is generous and hangs perfectly on both sides of the bed.
I washed the sheets in cold water and tumble dried them. I experienced no shrinkage. The lint trap did have a LOT of lint after I washed them the first time. Much less lint the second time. I’ll keep you posted after the next washing. However, the sheets feel as soft as the first time I put them on my bed. I don’t see any damage, tears or thinning.

Yorkshire-Mayfair’s Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheets are 100% cotton and 190 gram flannel weight. This set includes the fitted sheet, the top sheet and two pillow cases. They are listed as heavyweight but they don’t feel heavy to me. These feel more like a nice medium weight. I’m quite pleased because I can sleep under these sheets year around.

Yorkshire-Mayfair has a huge selection of colors available

Yorkshire-Mayfair has other sheets too.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the Brushed Microfiber 1800 Series!! I’m thinking in Bright Red!! How fun would that be!?  Or maybe the 1000 Thread Count Luxury Soft Cotton Silky Sateen Sheet Set in a Navy Blue!?  Lot’s of great choices in thread count and colors.

Not a single one. These are snuggly soft, flannel sheets that stay put all night long. The baby blue color is perfect. These sheets don’t shrink. What more can you ask for in bed sheets?!?  Maybe one of each color?!




    I love flannel sheets and they’re sometimes hard to find in big sizes. In our last house I had a beautiful realxing pale blue & white room, but my present bedroom never gets diret sunlight & is ALWAYS cold so if you were to pop in for a visit you’ll find me snuggled up in red, yellow or orange sheets & duvet covers! Lord, I’m tired just writing about it!

  • Christine A.

    I haven’t tried flannel sheets before. I love anything in a robin’s egg blue and I like that there’s a large selection of sheet colors.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I do love flannel sheets! They are so soft! It would be nice to find some light-weight enough to use year round! These sound nice & I love all the colors!

  • Rosie

    I love flannel sheets, too. I really like the color of these sheets – muted and still a very pretty color. I need to check these out!

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