Koalabu Unfinished Wooden Dolls #CraftTimeWithNaNa

One of the best parts of hanging out with a 4-year-old during the week is craft-time. Today’s craft made Alice giddy!! The kid was jumping up and down excited!
As soon as I saw these Koalabu Natural Unfinished Wooden Dolls I knew Alice and I would have so much FUN with these. Before they arrived I spent too much time on Pinterest (does anyone else have an addiction to Pinterest?? It’s never just 5 minutes!!). You should see how creative some people are! WOW!! I did save out a set for me to decorate later; some of the Pinterest ideas were just too cute not to try!!

To start, I used paints; both oil and watercolor and they work perfectly. Alice and I used liquid chalk markers because they are easy for little hands to work with and they worked perfectly!! They liquid chalk dries very fast which is a huge perk when working with a 4-year-old. The chalk stays put too! Alice’s family of dolls came out so cute!!

This set includes 40 pieces; 7 men, 7 women, 7 angels, 9 boys and 10 babies/tots. Each piece is made of beautiful, high-grade, untreated, unfinished Birch and Maple. This set is not treated with any chemicals, they are completely non-toxic and more to love; proudly made in the USA.

Man/Dad: 2-3/8″ Tall x 7/8″ Diameter
Woman/Mom: 2-1/4″ Tall x 5/8″ Diameter
Angel/Girl: 2″ Tall x 7/8″ Diameter
Boy: 1-11/16″ Tall x 5/8″ Diameter
Tot: 1-1/8″ tall x 5/8″ wide

Each and every doll is very smooth; no splinters anywhere!! Koalabu uses a kiln to dry the wood so they are really durable and resistant to denting and scratching.

I love that this set arrives in a heavy duty zip bag; this makes storing the unfinished dolls very easy.

More to love is the warranty. If you don’t love your wooden doll people Koalabu we will refund your money, no questions asked. They stand by the quality of their Koalabu brand products, and customer satisfaction is their highest priority.


Decorating and then playing with this set has been so much fun that we don’t have a single whine!! These are high quality, solid wood, natural dolls.



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