The Perfect Baby Doll Stroller!! From TrioKid!

Are you ready for another edition of Cuteness Overload Alice style?  She loves imagination play. Whether it’s Lego Friends, Barbies, D-Lectiables, MiniQ’s or the other zillion and one toys scattered around the house and MY house and car! One of her favorites is playing house. (For the record, I ALWAYS have to be the bratty kid??  Why can’t I be the Momma?  The baby or even the NICE KID for once?!?!)

I was so excited to be offered the chance to review a baby doll stroller from TRIOKID.


We believe that quality family time is sacred and should never be traded away for anything. At Triokid, we are constantly striving to provide opportunities for you and your family to enjoy life, and to create precious and unforgettable memories together.

Our joyride begins in 2016. Our dedicated team is brought together by sheer motivation to convey the idea of“true toys”, which encourages kids to explore, enjoy, and create their own unique experience .“Be Triokid”is an attitude that connects people through bringing out our inner kids. Our goal is to make everyone a kid at heart.

Y’all will laugh at this one, when the stroller arrived and I opened the box, my initial reaction was “Oh man, did I just order a REAL stroller?!” The picture on the box LOOKS like the real thing. Then to add to my confusion the stroller wrapped in plastic and the handles are covered in packing foam. There is a hang tag exactly like a REAL stroller!!  The fabric and full REAL and sturdy frame!!!  I swear if it wasn’t for the size, you would think this was the real thing!!!

The stroller comes fully assembled. Nothing to do except open it up and place your baby inside.  The fabric is not just pretty, durable and strong it’s also drawable so, if the ‘little parent’ wanted to decorate the stroller they could.

The stroller folds down, just like a real stroller so it’s easy to put in the car so that baby can go to the grocery store or park with us. (These things ARE important!!)

I really love that there is a locking mechanism on the back of the doll stroller similar to real strollers that ensure the stroller doesn’t accidentally fold up with the baby doll inside.

There is also a web belt to keep baby doll secure inside.  Added bonus is the storage basket on the bottom so that we can take all the necessary supplies with us!! Also included is the removable weather-resistant canopy cover!!

Another very important aspect of the doll stroller is the safety.  It has passed all physical tests, flammability test, and chemical tests including lead content and heavy metal screening. All fabrics come from a oeko-tex® certified supplier that tests the textile product at environmentally friendly facilities. HOW amazing is that?! FOR a DOLL STROLLER!!!!!!

Alice is having a GREAT time with this stroller!!


Are you kidding?! Did you see Alice’s face?! She loves this stroller!! Alice is a tall kid at 47.5″ and the stroller is a little short to her…… however, according to Alice it’s exactly the right height at 22.4″ tall, 10.6″ wide.

Neither of us have any complaints. This stroller is extremely well made, perfect stitching all the way around. Sturdy and baby doll Emily is very comfortable according to her Momma Alice.

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