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GlobeIn Review! & December Spoilers!! AND A COUPON!!

I’ve been lucky enough to write reviews for GlobeIn in the past; it’s such a wonderful program that supports artisans from all walks of life. All items are handmade and Fair Trade Items!!! I have to shout! I LOVE MY JOB!!  Starting with packaging. A beautiful teal colored box with matching tissue paper really drives home that this is a wonderful gift!!  The Threads Box is my favorite to date.

  • The Vicky Tee from Kenya
  • Tassel Bag Charm from Honduras
  • Foldover Clutch from India
  • $50 Credit at The Root Collective
  • Palm Leaf Basket OR Spotted Bandana

globlein2On top of the tissue paper is a postcard that says
Clothes aren’t
going to change
the world.
The women who
wear them will.
-Anne Klein

Also included in this box is the Threads booklet with information about each piece included in this GlobeIn treasure.  Again, presentation is everything. Nestled in the teal color tissue is a round blue and white signature straw basket with a lid. These little baskets are perfect for holding treasures or using as a gift basket for the holidays.


Country: Mexico

For the people of the Mixteca region of Mexico, basket-weaving is a way of life that also sustains life. With a dexterity passed down through generations, ancestry come to life in the tireless work of fingers, the weavers weave palms into vibrant, multi-colored baskets. On the outskirts of Oaxaca City, Doña Martina Garcia and her group of eight artisan basket weavers produce roughly 700 baskets per month.

For each artisan involved, basket-weaving means a stable monthly income used for building a house, starting a small business, or purchasing food and medicine. For Doña Martina (pictured left), her steady sales through GlobeIn have meant being able to spend more time at home, where she can work on her baskets while taking care of her children. Recently, she sold her stall in the Oaxaca Crafts Market, where she had been selling for ten years, and has dedicated herself and her small team to working entirely for GlobeIn.

The Foldover Clutch This clutch arrives from India. It’s so pretty, with a strong zipper and nice thick lined canvas. This will last me a lifetime!


Artisan Organization: Tribe Alive

Country: India

Established by Jyoti Parnami in Jaipur, India in 2002, Seen Unseen began as a small team of embroiders and tailors bringing to life Jyoti’s childhood dream of working at the intersection of art and fashion. Today, her workshop employs 15 full-time staff members and 20 artisans working to grace the world of textile with all that is India in color, design, and handiwork.

Jyoti’s strength lies in identifying people’s skill sets and motivating them to turn their abilities into employment. The “Pattern Master” behind your new piece’s bold geometry is Mohan Lal, the soul of creativity for Seen Unseen, and with the workshop since its inception. A result of Mohan’s and Jyoti’s shared vision, your new clutch adds an accent of Jaipur-inspired patterns and craftsmanship to any outfit.

The Tassel Bag Charm This is cute, fun and funky. The tassel looks playful and fun on my otherwise stuffy looking briefcase. It’s off-white and pink (y’all know how much I love pink!!!)


Artisan Organization: Tribe Alive

Country: Honduras

Dilcia, a single mother, goes way back with the artisan collective, Mi Esperanza—which means literally, “my hope.” Your funky new tassel is testament to Dilcia’s own fierce hope to provide.

When, in 2005, a flood took part of Dilcia’s land, Mi Esperanza helped Dilcia and her boys move to a shelter. Afterwards, equipped with a Mi Esperanza micro-loan, Dilcia opened her own business but was forced to close shop when a local gang demanded she pay a “war tax.” Finally, after excelling in a Mi Esperanza sewing course, Dilcia earned the recognition that spurned her upward mobility.

When GlobeIn’s order for tassel charms prompted Mi Esperanza to hire six new artisans, it was Dilcia they put in charge of training the new recruits. Your charm has brought Dilcia to a new level of confidence in her work—now let it bring some playful flare to your look!

The Vicky Tee My new t-shirt comes from Kenya and it’s the perfect t!! The vinyl print is quality, not flimsy or light. The tee is so comfy with a loose crew neck and slightly rounded bottom. The t-shirt is amazing quality. The 100% cotton Vicky Tee will last for years!!  Truly my favorite piece in this box.  Available in XS to XXL. globein3

Artisan Organization: Wildlife Works

Country: Kenya

Born inland in Nairobi, Vicky always dreamed of working for an export company and being in charge of sending goods all around the world. After years of factory work, Vicky’s passion for protecting wildlife led her to Wildlife Works, where lo and behold, she is part of a team responsible for shipping finished products to their final destinations abroad.

But Vicky’s road to her dream job was not an easy one. Lack of funding made staying in school difficult, and she was often sent home for not having money for fees, a uniform, or books. Although her beloved mother taught Vicky all the skills she had, it took her many years of odd jobs to save up enough for university.

But she did it, and hasn’t stopped pursuing her goals. Next up for Vicky is coursework in purchasing and supply management, and hopefully, one day, starting her own fashion line.


GlobeIn is one of the most unique subscription boxes out there! Imagine receiving a gift box of original crafts by global artisans!! I am absolutely thrilled with GlobleIn and I know that you would be as well. This would be an amazing gift for that hard to shop for person on your Christmas gift list!  Order by December 12th, 2016 to ensure Christmas Delivery!!

These artists are immensely talented!! I have items from around the globe to display in MY HOME. HANDMADE items that I would have never learned about without GlobeIn. From presentation to the handcrafted items themselves this is an AMAZING subscription service!!

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Are you kidding?! I have items from around the world proudly displayed in my home! From India, Kenya, Honduras and Mexico. What’s not to love?!?!?!


ADD PVANDW at check out to save $10 off 3 and 6 month Artisan Box subscriptions.

Incase you are still thinking about GlobeIn as a Christmas Gift here is one spoiler for the upcoming December Benefit Basket!

Each Benefit Basket will come with:

Hand-Crocheted Beanie by Krochet Kids, Uganda (Retail $30).
Customers will receive beanies in either Blush or Black.

Materials: 100% soft acrylic yarn.
Measurements: One size fits most

About the Artisan

Growing up in the war-torn region of northern Uganda, Adong Sunday was an orphan by the time she was 12, and the sole breadwinner for her 5 siblings. Urging her family forward, Sunday dropped out of school, taught her siblings how to farm, and after joining Krochet Kids, used her wages to put them through school. Then she turned to her own future.

After 2 years in the program, Sunday turned to her mentor and said she was ready to start her very own business, a small grocery store servicing her neighborhood. Can you guess how it went? These days, Sunday is known as the “rich girl” in town
globeinYou can also shop for individual gifts! Check out a few of my favorites. (you know in case my kids are reading!!)

I would love to know your favorite GlobeIn piece from either my post or the site! And if you want to send me any of these pieces I’ll send you my address!! (Yup, I am all about the subtle!)

Use coupon code PBANDW at check out!! 



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