HYPNOTIST Talalay Natural Latex Pillow with 100% Ventilated Latex Foam Filler

I’ve been sick for over week. Starting last Wednesday, I caught whatever disease that 4-year-old Alice brought home from school.  Whatever this is, it is bad!! I can’t remember ever being this sick. I feel like I have been run over by a truck, flipped over twice then laid back in the road only to be struck with a second, heavier truck.  This might be the end….. yup…. I’m thinking this is the end. I can’t move from the couch. I ache in every fiber of my being…. and the cough?? The cough is nasty!! Even my ribs hurt from the constant hacking.  Oh!! ALL RIGHT! I might be over dramatizing the slightest, only the teeniest little bit. BUT I DON’T FEEL GOOD!!

Night time is the worst. I can’t lay flat without coughing up a lung!! Which also means that I can’t get comfortable.  This is the absolutely perfect time to test a new pillow right?  RIGHT!! I mean hello! Maybe I get a little more sleep right?

This is the HYPNOTIST Talalay Natural Latex Pillow with 100% Ventilated Latex Foam Filler Pillow.  This is made from a natural latex that is derived from Thai rubber trees.  This pillow is super soft to the touch. The pillow is a naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and mold proof. This pillow is non-toxic.  Okay all that is well and good; but truly this pillow is SO MUCH MORE!!!

The Hypnotist pillow is made using an elaborate Talalay process. This process means this pillow is more ventilated and more resilient than other pillows.

The pillow is full of holes. It’s so weird-looking.  Laying your head down on the Hypnotist and your head will feel cool. ALL NIGHT long.  What’s more is that the pillow feels like your laying your head on a trampoline? The pillow feels bouncy?  I can’t even think of a better way to describe this pillow. Your head stays comfortable ALL THE TIME!!!

This pillow doesn’t flatten. EVER! This pillow stays the same wonderful 5.9″ thick. I don’t toss and turn I get a full NIGHT SLEEP!!!  EVEN with this flu I am sleeping so much better than before it arrived.

The pin core latex ventilation system and micropores enhance breathability and maintains a pleasant sleeping temperature. This pillow gently supports your head and neck. I have slept better with this pillow than I ever have without it. I can’t wait till I’m 100% well to really enjoy my new pillow.

This pillow will never ever need fluffing and never needs washing. Even arrives with an attractive, soft case.


When the pillow arrives it does have a strong scent. After letting it air out for a couple of days I’m pleased to report the scent is gone. Not a single whine after that! This is the best pillow I’ve ever laid my head on.

Oh wait, I have a personal whine, I’m STILL SICK!! Stupid pre-school germs!!



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