Azurite & Silver Toggle Bracelet #AndeanPlanet

Wait till you see my newest treasure from Novica!! A stunning bracelet made with blue-green globes of Azurite accented with .925 Sterling Silver. This is one very pretty bracelet!!

Just like other Novica products I get to learn about not just the jewelry or art but the person that created it as well. My bracelet was created by Teodoro Melendez and family. Together they reinterpret the traditional pre-Hispanic designs of Peru to create jewelry of timeless appeal.

There are .925 sterling silver beads compliment the Azurite are the perfect complement to the gems. The bracelet is a total of 7.25-inch long. The bracelet closes very securely with a highly polished sterling silver toggle clasp. The over all look is beautiful! The silver is so highly polished that it takes on the look of whatever other piece I am wearing. My watch has a gold face, the beads look gold when I pair them together. When I wear a silver watch, the beads sparkle in silver. 4-year-old Alice says my Azurite Bracelet looks like ‘earth’ beads. When you look at them up close…. I have to say, she has a point!

This Azurite Blue Green Beaded Toogle Bracelet
was made in Peru.

NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, works together with talented artisan designers around the world to produce stunning, keepsake treasures. Our mantra is to spread global happiness, so rest assured – we’ll do everything we possibly can to ensure you’re a happy customer.

About our Artist: I was born in 1924 in Trujillo, known as the ‘city of eternal spring.’ None of my parents were artisans, in fact dad was an archeologist and mom a homemaker. However my artistic formation came from my dad during his work as an archeologist in pre-Hispanic sites, and later as the curator of a museum. That’s when I became inspired to craft jewelry with designs and motifs unique to ancient Peru. It has been my passion and my life ever since then. It all actually began as a hobby, but with the passing of time it became something more serious for me, especially after reading the books by Julio C. Tello. I learned so much from them about my country’s history and the different cultures that once made part of it. I mainly take my inspiration from these books to design my jewelry and select the gemstone that are a better for them. One of my most cherished moment was when I had a small workshop and my children, Carlos and Alicia, where with me while I was cutting gems by hand. Then we put them through a little machine to perfect the contours. Mine was a small workshop and we could not afford the larger, pricier machines. In my free time I enjoy swimming, soccer and basketball. I would describe my work as having a strong pre-Hispanic essence that is allowed to be sold outside of…


Jewelry. Novica. One of my very favorite combinations; so again, no whines here!! This is a beautifully made, colorful bracelet and I am thoroughly pleased!



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