Piglet Bo Is Not Scared by Geert De Kockere

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Lately, for whatever reason 4-year-old Alice is afraid of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!  I mean we are talking full on melt-downs from going to school because ‘she’s too scared’. Going to her room to play without anyone else in the room because ‘she’s too scared’.  I know it’s a phase; but it’s a phase I’ll be ohhh sooo happy to see go!!  All of that to tell you about another awesome book in the Piglet Bo series!! A while back I wrote about Piglet Bo Can Do Anything. It’s still a favorite of Alice’s.  So between our love of Piglet Bo and Alice being afraid of her own shadow I was giddy to be offered the chance to review Piglet Bo Is Not Scared.

Alice and I sat and read Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! by Geert De Kockere together. Alice immediately wanted to read it again right away.  The book is a joy to read, we loved reading about Piglet Bo reasoning about why he is scared.  For instance, Piglet Bo is NOT scared of a cave because he doesn’t want to disturb the bats. I asked Alice after each challenge if she thought that Piglet Bo was actually scared and each time she answered ‘Yup’ I asked why she thought that Piglet Bo was saying he wasn’t scared. Alice answered so he could tell people he was brave. Smart kid!! By the end of the book Piglet Bo admits that he might be just a tiny bit scared.  Throughout the book there are hidden wolves. (Just like the hidden four-leaf clovers in Piglet Bo Can Do Anything) I love the continuity of the hidden items in this series.
Here is what Alice says about Piglet Bo Is Not Scared:
This is a great book for kids ages 3 and up. Absolutely a perfect addition to our Piglet Bo collection.
Piglet Bo insists that he is not scared. Not scared of anything and not scared of anyone. And if you think he seems scared, well, you’re misunderstanding the situation. Really, Piglet Bo can’t go into the dark cave because he doesn’t want to disturb the bats. And he can’t go into the deep pit because he’s pretty sure the termites are having a birthday party and it would be rude to show up without a gift. But what are those shadows lurking on each page? How long can Piglet Bo’s excuses last?
Author: Geert De Kockere’s whimsical story will capture the hearts of children and adults alike. This playful tale of a pig who just can’t admit he’s afraid is sure to get kids laughing out loud. Tineke Van Hemeldonck’s uniquely evocative mixed-media illustrations bring Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! to life and give it an imaginative, quirky feel. This charming story is for ages three and up.
 Geert De Kockere studied to become a teacher but instead became a professional journalist, working for the Flemish newspaper De Standaard (The Standard). Currently, he is the editor of Buitenbeen, a nature magazine for Flanders and the Netherlands. He has written many children’s books, including several collections of poems, and has won a variety of book prizes for his work. He lives in Kempen, Belgium.
Illustrator: Tineke Van Hemeldonck studied graphic design, specializing in illustration, at Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt. She has done all kinds of graphic design work and has illustrated several children’s books. She currently resides in Bunsbeek, Belgium.

You can find Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! by Geert De Kockere on AmazonBarnes and Noble and other bookstores.


I will never whine about books that Alice loves! I absolutely won’t whine if it means that we can get through this “I’m too scared” phase!! I also won’t whine if you have suggestions to send our way!!  This is a cute book, with a great message; you don’t have to be afraid of everything; but it’s okay to be scared of somethings!

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: De Kockere, Geert; Van Hemeldonck, Tineke;
Publication Date:2015-11-03
ISBN-13: 9781634501828
Number of Pages: 32 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover



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