Is Fitness High on Your Priority List?

You don’t have to look like a supermodel or one of those buff guys on television or at the gym to be in relatively good shape.

Face it; being fit comes in all different shapes and sizes.

That said it does take time and effort to get the body you want, including one that features a healthy heart.

Given the perils of heart disease and other heart-related issues in today’s America, doing what’s best for your heart simply makes sense.

Put Your Heart into Being Healthy

So that you can increase the odds of living a long and healthy life, there are some practices you can deploy today that should benefit you.

For starters, how good (or bad for that matter) is your diet?

Eating greasy foods, many of which are high in fatty components, can put your heart at a disadvantage from a young age. While having the occasional burger and fries is okay, don’t make a habit out of it.

You should also look to eat more fruits and veggies, especially from an early age on.

What some kids (and adults for that matter) once viewed as unfriendly food is after all good for you.

When it comes to drinks, cutting back (or cutting out altogether) items like soda and coffee can also be of benefit. Although some soft drink manufacturers have come out over the years with products that cut down on calories and sugar, there are still many soft drinks that prove bad for you. As for coffee, limiting yourself to a cup a day at most isn’t likely to truly hurt you.

As important as diet is so too is avoiding both alcohol and cigarettes.

While the occasional beer or glass of wine likely won’t hurt you, drinking in heavy consumption one or both can.

As for cigarettes, there is no study shown to man that says these products are good for you. In fact, most if all reports say the complete opposite.

Even though it can be hard to kick the smoking habit, doing so sooner rather than later can help your heart, your brain, and just about every other portion of your body.

Will You Have to Save a Life?CPR

Speaking of bodies, would you know how to potentially save someone’s life if put in that situation?

If you’ve not learned life-saving procedures such as CPR, click here.

Knowing CPR can mean the difference between life and death, be it a complete stranger or saving the life of someone you know, potentially a family member, friend or co-worker.

While you may think you will never be called upon to save someone’s life via CPR, the Heimlich maneuver or some other life-saving practice, think again.

People commonly get some food caught in their throats or have occasional chest pains, either of which could prove life-threatening.

Speaking of life-threatening, being overweight and not exercising can be a deadly mixture.

Stop for a minute and think about all the overweight people you see on a daily basis.

Whether at work, in stores, gas stations, the doctor’s office, they are typically not hard to miss.

Not only is being overweight a recipe for injuries and illnesses, but it can lead one straight down the path to heart troubles, as the heart has to work all that much harder to pump blood etc.

Getting out daily even if it is just for a short walk can prove beneficial to your overall fitness in so many ways. If you can’t choose not to go out for exercise, bringing the workouts into your home can be just as helpful.

One last item to keep on your overall health watch list is working out with others whenever possible.

While exercising alone can be peaceful and quite frankly relaxing, have one or more people by your side when you exercise is even better.

Not only will you be more motivated to do your exercises when one or more individuals are there to push you, but the conversations can be rewarding too.

If fitness hasn’t had a high position on your priority list in the past, turn that around today.

Your heart will be just one of the many beneficiaries.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    After dislocating my knee I gradually put on almost 60 pounds – that led to sleep apnoea & other problems. Thankfully I managed to lose it again by just being busy, gardening (wheelchair gardening is brilliant!) and cutting out the comfort foods. I’ve only got the one body – got to make it last!

  • Michelle S

    My blood pressure was really high at my yearly physical. I am using diet and exercise and it is now almost back to normal plus I’ve lost 10 pounds.

  • katrina chavarria

    Super good read. I try and tell my kids everyday that they need to move around and get their Bodies moving. Of course easier said than done when it comes to me! But I’ve been trying to get in some daily dancing so at least my little ones can join I with me.


    Well done for highlighting this issue Connie. Even getting out in the fresh air for a 10 minute walk can make a huge difference.

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