ANCHEER Ergonomic Office Chair Review

When you have to sit at your desk for any length of time a comfortable chair is important. The Husband uses his home office on a daily basis and his old chair sagged on the seat cushion, it was uncomfortable, it didn’t fit under his desk AND above all it was UGLY. (So ugly that it took 3 days for someone to take it off the curb! I think the neighborhood kids are playing with it so I’m not totally convinced it won’t make it back to the curb by Monday!) I was so excited to receive this ergonomic mesh desk chair from ANCHEER to review.

Starting with packaging. This chair arrives extremely well packaged. Each piece is wrapped in bubble wrap or plastic. All the way to the screws, which arrive in sealed bags according to size!

The chair took maybe 15 minutes to put together. The Husband probably could have worked faster if I hadn’t been ‘helping’ and snapping pictures!!

The chair itself is black with breathable open mesh back support and seat, this means that the seat never gets hot! That is one of The Husbands favorite features. The chair is very comfortable to sit in. The armrests and the seat height are easily adjustable. The chair swivels 360º so it’s perfect for our home office which is small with a table on one side and a desk on the other. This chair is perfect.

The chair moves easily thanks to the 5 castor-wheel base. The castors make this chair move easily on our tile floors.

The chair has excellent lumbar support with the waterfall-contour seat relieves stress to legs. Truly a comfortable chair to sit in for long periods of time.

*Seat Back Size: W46 x H50cm/ 17.9 x 19.5 inch
*Seat Width: 47cm/ 18.3 inch (Not Including Armrest)
*Seat Depth: 44-50cm/17.2-19.5 inch
*Seat Height: 47-53cm/ 18.3-20.7 inch (Adjustable)
*Armrest Height: 20-28cm/ 7.8-10.9 inch (Adjustable)
*Chair Height: 86-94cm/ 33.5-36.7 inch (Adjustable)


The Husband doesn’t have a single whine! The chair is comfortable. It looks very nice and thanks to the mesh it doesn’t make your back and tush get hot when you sit for long periods of time. This chair gets two enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!!

P.S. Dear Kids down the street; please keep the chair it looks way better in your yard than mine!  And I declare: No give backs!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    With so many people working remotely this year, the use of a good chair has never been more important. Kitchen chairs & sofas just don’t cut it.

  • katrina chavarria

    Man, I need a new chair ASAP. I was told by my ENT that my rounded shoulders could cause ll sorts of aches, pains and even lymph drainage! Scary, but he said it’s easy to correct posture and since I spend so much time working online, he made a few suggestions (including finding a good chair to sit on). So this is very rightly to text step to correcting my posture. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I really need a new chair. This one looks pretty darn nice, & I love that you don’t stick to it when you go to get up!

  • Ann

    The word “ergonomic,” along with that stock photo of the chair, reminds me of my cubicle days. Eek. Currently I’m sitting kind of… well, I’m very much NOT demonstrating good posture, I’ll say that much. 😡
    I often sit on a big balance ball– I believe it’s intended for yoga and such. It’s supposed to help with the AD(H)D*, all while strengthening my core or something something!
    (* MSW, MA, PsyD here; can vouch that this is legit science.)

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