Ozaki O!coat Smart Case For The iPad Air Review

Who doesn’t love a new phone or iPad case? It’s like changing your belt, favorite shoes or purse. Today I received the Ozaki O!coat 360 degree Multi-angle smart case for iPad Air. It’s a New York theme in orange. Winner of Macworlds 2012 ‘The Best’, Reddot Design Award Winner 2012 and 2013 Innovations International CES Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree.

I adored this iPad Air Case from the moment it arrived. The company shipped it in a really cool, recycled container. I don’t like a lot of wasted space in my packaging and this is bare-bones.

Next, there are clearly defined instructions for folding the flap into different configurations. Speaking of the configurations there are four, you can use the elastic band on the back to secure it to your car head rest (awesome for entertaining kids!), two horizontal stands and one vertical – YES I SAID VERTICAL. That’s awesome. No more reading horizontally when I’m lying in bed on my side, finally my laziness is being rewarded! The flap-turned-stand is strong enough for gaming and use with a stylus.

I don’t know if the material is leather but it’s soft and easy to clean. The cover is slim which means it fits nicely into my purse without catching on a million things when I take it out. There is a stylus holder on the back of the case above the elastic strap. I don’t use a stylus so I like that there is a dummy piece that occupies the holder to keep it clean. The stylus strap is included in the packaging if you choose to install it, which is incredibly simple.

This product is worth your money! They have lots of colors and designs, including some for the kiddos. Here are some more specs.

  • 360° Stability
  • Slim size with both portrait and landscape
  • Adjustable Multi-angle viewing mode for landscape
  • Stand steadily even when play touch screen game
  • Front and Back protection
  • Secure elastic band
  • Integrated magnets in cover activate iPad’s sleep/wake function

I do want to note that this case is designed strictly for the iPad Air it will not work on the iPad Air 2!

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Not a single one!! I give the Ozaki O!coat two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!!

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