Piglet Bo Can Do Anything! Review

PigletBoPiglet Bo Can Do Anything!! Written by Geert De Kockere.  Oh my goodness what a cute book.

Piglet Bo is an adorable little pig that is determined to be brave while concurring goal after goal.

This is so cute!! Alice laughed with each and every page. When Piglet Bo decides he can walk on water “If I like. If I dare.” he jumps as a big ‘ole whale just happens to swim by; Piglet Bo decides he really can walk on water!! I thought Alice was going to fall over she laughed so hard!

The entire book is a series of fun and very imaginative coincidences all to reiterate the fact that Piglet Bo CAN DO Anything!!

Through out the book there are hidden four-leaf clovers which Alice loved hunting for.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Tineke Van Hemeldonck. The illustrations so fun, imaginative and well, perfect!

The book is written so creatively that I don’t mind reading it over and over again!

Can he walk on water? Can he widen the beach? Can he pluck a star from the sky? Piglet Bo can do all of these things and more. He leaps over tall grasses, blows down a forest, and walks out onto a long pier, as far as it will take him. He looks to the deep-sea, and although the pier will take him no farther, Piglet Bo will not be stopped. “I can go into the water,” he says. “If I like. If I dare.” And with a leap of faith, he jumps.

Piglet Bo finds friends on his journey—a whale, a pigeon, a bull—and they inspire and help him when they can, but ultimately it takes courage and daring for Piglet Bo to attempt the impossible. Piglet Bo is the bravest and most determined little piglet, with a heart set on adventure. There are no limits to what he can do, and young readers will fall in love with his sweet and endearing resolve. Geert De Kockere writes Piglet Bo’s adventures in simple, playful language, filled with light humor. Tineke Van Hemeldonck’s brilliant mixed-media illustrations bring the story to life, and even the littlest readers will have fun spotting the elusive, lucky four-leaf clover hidden on each page.


How can I whine about a book that Alice loves to hear read over and over again? This is a cute book with a powerful message! You can DO ANYTHING! You just have to try!

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: De Kockere, Geert; Van Hemeldonck, Tineke;
Publication Date:2015-08-04
Number of Pages:32 Pages
Book Type:hardcover


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