Automatic Plant Drip Watering Bottle Spikes #NicelyNeat

A very long time ago I had a TON of plants. I had plants in every room, on every surface. I had hanging plants, tall plants, short plants too! (I’m channeling my inner Dr. Seuss here) Then the kids moved out, I got a 9 to 5 type job and slowly I had fewer and fewer plants. Mostly because I would forget to water them. So, now this jungle plant lady is down to a measly 4 plants and I STILL can’t seem to remember to water THEM!! I even moved them DIRECTLY next to the sink! Even that hasn’t helped. So I was thrilled to be offered a chance to review Nicely Neat’s Automatic Plant Drip Watering Bottles. This is an awesome, innovative system that waters my plants for ME!! SWEEEET!!!

These spikes are truly brilliant. First there are 6 per package which is awesome! Second most water bottles or soda bottles work with the bottle spikes. The spikes can be used inside or outside. Push the attached piece (which is the green slender piece; think of it as the key!) into the small starburst cutout on the inside of the reservoir; play with the placement to see how fast or how slow you want the water to drip into your plant.

The spikes are nice and long at 8.7″ so you can plant it deep to insure stability. The entire spike is 11″ The deep green of the spikes blends in nicely with the plants and really all you see is the water bottles. I will be replacing my clear water bottles with the green Perrier bottles then you really don’t even see the bottle at all.


Well, I actually have 3 of the 4 remaining plants once again looking healthy with NEW GROWTH due to the fact they are getting regular water once again! That 4th plant is playing hard to get…. but it’s looking better everyday. The Automatic Plant Drip Watering Bottle Spikes from Nicely Neat really are NEAT! No whines here and they are a ‘must have’ if you are going on vacation!


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    Great idea! And saves the bother of getting a neighbour to water the patio pots & putting all the indoor plants in the bath!

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