Funny Wine Glasses From Got Me Tipsy!

Here is my first Mother’s Day pick of 2016. New Moms or experienced Moms will thoroughly and completely love this glass!  Mommy Medicine! I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this glass. (I still can’t stop laughing!) This is a funny, funny wine glass!

At the end of a long hard day, yelling at kids, picking up toys for the umpteenth time, trying to tackle that mountain of laundry, yelling at kids, fixing dinner, yel… Never mind you get the idea! When the kids are in bed or 10 a.m. (Been there done that I won’t judge) Mommy needs her Mommy Medicine; mostly so the kids live till Daddy gets home.

The wine glass will hold 12.75 ounces of  “Mommy Medicine” a long tapered stem for a beautiful look, the extra wide base keeps the glass from toppling over.

Made by my favorite glassware company; Got Me Tipsy. I love the sarcasm on their mugs and glasses! One of my favorite coffee mugs is from Got Me Tipsy it says “I love how we all know I’m your favorite child” it cracks me up because my GROWN children fight over who gets to use this mug when they visit!

I’m thinking the Donut Care mug needs to go to my oldest daughter who is in law enforcement.

The glassware is quality.  The coffee mugs are sturdy, crystal clear and a generous 13 ounces.

Items are shipped in sturdy white gift boxes well wrapped with bubble wrap. I own several pieces from Got Me Tipsy and I’ve never received anything that has been damaged in shipping. Not a single chip or scratch. Items are made in the USA. The custom imprinted text is dishwasher safe and guaranteed to last. This is not your typical cheap ceramic mug or wine glass

BTW I’m having a very hard time typing wine and not whine; no I have not been hitting the Mommy Medicine. (Yet)


None! Not a single one. Large enough for plenty of Mommy Medicine and dishwasher safe too!



  • Ann

    Truth time. Time to Speak [My] Mind, as prompted above.
    I must and will be honest: I’m not a fan of products like these (the alcohol-themed ones). Lately I’ve been seeing many items similar to these on Instagram as well as Etsy, and many of those that I’ve seen are geared towards mothers (e.g., wine glasses with “Mommy Juice” written on them). Others are things like a coffee mug that reads, “This may or may not be wine.”
    I can’t stand this trend, and hope that it withers away– soon. I could expound on this for a long time, but two main points:
    1) I was a psychotherapist for many years. (MA, PsyD Clinical Psych). Substance abuse is not something that I take lightly. I understand that these kinds of items are meant to be lighthearted, novelty-item gifts, but NO. There are plenty of other ways to decorate your cups or whatever.
    2) I’ve seen people very close to me, as well as their loved ones, go through the hell and misery that is substance abuse / addiction. And unlike those sparkly and glittery mugs, it is not pretty. My boyfriend has been sober now for about 1.5 years, but had been a heavy drug/ETOH user since late middle school. Eleven years ago he watched as his best friend died of an overdose.
    Now I don’t intend or want to be the little stormcloud who rains on everyone’s parade. But chances are, YOU know someone who is or has been affected by substance abuse and its many consequences.

  • Tamra Phelps

    This would be a great Mother’s Day gift for one of my cousins! She loves trying new wines or celebrating with old ones, lol.

  • Michelle S

    These are really great! I actually bought my Mom a plastic, insulated wine glass for Mother’s Day already. She camps and I thought this would be great by the campfire.

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