The Tiny Traveler Series For Kids Review

Board Books are NOT just for babies!! Since I spend my days with 3-year-old Alice, we do a lot of playing, a lot of art and a lot of learning projects. Alice can write her alphabet; she can read so many site words I’ve lost count. There are several books that she can read front to back. Yes, they are easy books and I’m sure that she has them memorized. But, I’m still beaming with pride.

I was approached by Misti Kenison to review her new series of children’s board books; The Tiny Traveler series. I jumped at the chance! Seriously, what better way to teach kids how to read than the little board books!! Board books usually only have a few words per page. The words are usually in big bold print; perfection!

When the books arrived Alice and I were both thrilled!! Such cute books! Written and Illustrated by the very talented Misti Kenison. Egypt is a book of shapes. France is a book about colors.

Tiny Traveler Series

The Tiny Traveler series is a collection of primers for children age 0-3, with a primary focus of teaching basic concepts, such as numbers, shapes, colors, etc. Each book uses iconic imagery from countries around the world to illustrate these concepts in an engaging way.

Starting with The Tiny Traveler: Egypt: A Book of Shapes
This cute book has 24 pages each with colorful illustrations. Very unique and interesting ways to show shapes AND learn a little about Egypt at the same time!!  Alice was so intrigued with Egypt’s Great Sphinx, and pyramids that we stopped at the library for MORE books!!  Who doesn’t love that?!?!?!  This would be a perfect book for toddlers needing to learn basic shapes such as triangles, hexagons, and circles! OR for kids to learn to READ those same words!! This is a very CUTE 5 ⅝” x 5 ⅝” board book.

Next up: The Tiny Traveler: France: A Book of Colors

Another super cute book. From the Eiffel Tower to a French Beret; kids learn colors. Again, teaching kids their colors OR teaching them to read the words; either way this adorable book shows the colorful city of Paris.

The culture and monuments of France are rendered into bold, graphic illustrations accompanied by vocabulary to teach toddlers basic colors. Traveling to foreign places has never been so colorful, or educational, for young children before!

Misti Kenison is a web/graphic designer and owner of MK Design. As a new mom, she believes strongly in encouraging literacy at a very young age, and hopes that this series will be a great tool for other parents to do so as well. Misti, her husband, and their children live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Where I do hope she is busy writing sequels!!  Alice and I are requesting Italy for food, perhaps the USA for road trips!  We actually have a whole list!!


Not a single one! Reading is important! Reading a fun, colorful book is always a joy!!




    I’ve said it for years (as did my mum before me) that learning should be FUN! The more senses engaged, the quicker we learn and sparking the imagination and interest certainly builds on that learning.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I love the idea behind these! Kids can learn shapes, colors, etc., while reading about places that will interest them.

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