Somnis Natural Sleep Aid Review

Those of you that have been around awhile know that I’m always whining about lack of sleep. I am so tired when my head hits the pillow I’m certain I’ll zonk right out, but nooooooooo not me!  As tired as I think I am my brain goes a million miles an hour and sleep1my eyes just won’t shut and brain won’t turn off! Then I’m draggin’ my butt all the next day.

Taking a sleeping aid isn’t always the answer for me; I don’t like the fog that I have the following day with some of the sleep aids.  Other sleep aids will put me to sleep just fine…. until 2 a.m. then I’m back to square one!

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review Somnis. This is a 100% natural sleep aid!! Not only do I fall asleep quickly, but I stay asleep all night long!!!

When I take Somnis I don’t have any next day fogginess. I wake up feeling refreshed; having slept ALL NIGHT long!! A good nights sleep and I have energy for the day. Funny how that works!! I’ve had zero, zip, nadda, side effects taking this sleep aid.

Somnis uses melatonin and GABA, along with a few other natural ingredients to deliver fast acting results. Every ingredient in Somnis has been proven to improve your sleep schedule in some way, which is why Somnis is the best all-natural sleep aid on the market! 

Somnis is non habit-forming which I really like.  I take 2 capsules; (Two easy to swallow capsules; that don’t upset my stomach at all!) about 30 minutes before I plan to go to sleep. Once in bed I gently just fall asleep well under my normal time; so maybe 10 minutes or so and I’m OUT! I’m sure it’s even quicker than that, but that’s just a rough estimate. If I wake up in the middle of the night as soon as I hit the pillow again I immediately fall back asleep. My brain isn’t racing! I’m just relaxed!! Truly the best part is the fact I’m alert, energized and awake the next day.


I’m sleeping. All night! I wake up refreshed. How can I whine about sweet, sweet sleep?!? This is great stuff and it gets 2 very enthusiastic thumbs way, WAY UP!!




    I used to use Valerian & that worked fine for a while but not anymore. I’ll have to see if they ship overseas. The fact that you could function the next day & felt refreshed is wonderful.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, boy! I love that cartoon. That’s me trying to sleep. I swear, I wake up more exhausted than when I went to bed. Anything that might help, I would try.

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