Mpow® Wired Earphones Review

I’m already a fan of Mpow® products. Everything I’ve purchased or reviewed has been top quality. Today’s review is no different. Another home run from Mpow! This is a wired earphones with remote and mic volume control. This is first Mpow wired earphones with High-quality dynamic speaker systems for bass-driven stereo sound and durability. And in-ear-canal design provides ambient noise isolation to improve listening experience.

I’m thoroughly impressed with these earphones for a number of reasons. First, comfort. Before I go to bed at night I watch a little Netflix or Hulu on my iPad. These earbuds are comfortable to lay on! That’s HUGE!! Mpow includes a great variety of replaceable thin rubber cushions. With three sets to choose from there will be a pair to fit your ears! Remember a good seal will give you even better sound quality and extra comfort too. These are truly so very comfortable!

Next up sound. Excellent sound! I never miss a beat or a word. Listening to music is a true pleasure with these earphones. Dynamic transducers deliver powerful, bass-driven sound with Dynamic transducers deliver powerful, bass-driven sound and with excellent detail resolution.

The look is very cool. Silver and black. The cords are very sturdy.MPow

This set of earphones has a very handy volume control on the wire. Which is awesome when I have my phone in my pocket. This set of earphones works fantastic with my Galaxy S4! I can answer calls and control volume without digging my phone out. I love that!

I also love the fact that these are wired. My Galaxy S4 battery doesn’t last long enough to get me through the day as is; since the earphones aren’t Bluetooth this doesn’t add to the drain!

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This Mpow headset is covered by a 45 days money-back & 18-month worry-free Guarantee. At under $16 and Amazon Prime eligible you can NOT go wrong!


Not a single one!! VERY, very, very comfortable to wear and lay on even! The sound is awesome. The cost is great too!


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