Daretang Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

I may not be able to afford an Apple Smart Watch but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a smart watch! I swear this watch does more than my first mobile phone ever thought of doing; it does more than anything on Batman or Robins gadget belts! BAM! WOOSH! Yeah, I went there!Watch3 images

Complete with a SIM card this smartwatch does a LOT!! Of course it is first and foremost a watch. I can choose between 3 different clock faces; which is a nice feature.

This watch works seamlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S4 which is really awesome!

This Smart Watch from Daretang answers phone calls and MAKE phone calls, I can even take pictures. I can stream music from my mobile phone to my watch. This watch allows me to view email notifications, text messages, caller ID. The watch has a calendar and I can load APPS on this watch!! This watch comes with anti-lost feature. Audio and Video Player!! FM RADIO too!! Although, you do have to have a headset on in order for the radio to work. Just like my FitBit, this watch acts as a pedometer and even tells me if I’ve been sedentary too long. Which is NOT a problem on babysitting days!! So, not only tracking the number of steps I take during the day but also how many calories I’ve burned. Stopwatch? Check! Calculator? Check! All of that and I’m certain I am forgetting a feature! This watch just does SO MUCH!!

This watch is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 (full function support) and iPhone 4S,5S,5C,6,6 Plus (limited function support, Notification push, remote capture, Anti-Lost are not available at present) Compatible device models to be further expanded

Again the Daretang Bluetooth Phone Smart Watch iWatch2s not at all feminine; however it’s extremely thin; 11.8 mm; the watch has a strong and durable metal frame.

More to love is the fact that this watch will support and external memory card!! Up to 32GB Micro SD card.

This watch has a LCD screen that’s just a little over 1½” and a resolution that’s 240 by 240 pixels. The watch screen is a touch screen.

The battery is a 350mAh Polymer battery. I can use my watch for a full 2 days on a single charge.
This watch isn’t a feminine watch, but it’s definitely durable and 4-year-old proof! Now, don’t get me wrong this is a nice looking watch but I would consider it on the manly side. The strap is rubberized and adjustable to comfortably accommodate a man or woman’s wrist.

I’ve been wearing this watch for a little over 2 weeks and I’m thoroughly impressed. From the presentation; the watch comes in a sturdy, attractive flip-top box. The watch cWatch3omes well padded inside to prevent any damage during shipment. Included in the box is a micro USB charging cable, screen protector and instruction booklet.
I was amazed at how clear you can hear a phone call using this watch. Added bonus the people I’ve called had no idea that I wasn’t actually using my cell phone. I don’t sound like I’m in a tunnel and no static as long as I didn’t walk away from my phone. Not a problem I usually have my phone in my back pocket. Sending text messages is easy and you can even make a VIDEO CALL!!! I’m very impressed with the video calls. 4-year-old Alice loves to talk to The Mama during the day and now they can see each other too. SO COOL!!

I’ve found no lag time when you switch from phone to apps or texting.

Pairing with my Samsung Galaxy S4 was easy and quick! As soon as your watch is charged and turned on it searches for a phone to pair with. It couldn’t be easier!


This is a well made, quality Daretang Bluetooth Phone Smart Watch. It looks so much like an Apple Watch that my children actually thought it was one!! This Smart Watch is comfortable to wear. Easy to read the screen and does SO MUCH!!! I am very pleased!!



  • Ken

    I am crazy for different kinds of wearable gadgets. This is really very useful blog for me… It will help me to choose the best smart watch for me.

  • Kelly O

    That watch is nicer than my phone! Wow, so cool. I stopped wearing a watch years back, but I miss it. I miss that I have to pull my phone out of my purse to see the time.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, my. I have a hard enough time setting a normal digital watch that does nothing but tell me the time! This would make my head swirl! It’s pretty amazing, though. For those who want one & can’t afford an Apple, this would be great.


    Sorry Connie! I know you love your techy things but this madness has to stop! No, no, no, I say! Watches are for telling the time and looking beautiful, phones are for speaking & texting to others & cameras are for taking pictures/videos. All this gadgetry is driving me dotty and surely the more things it can do the more chances of something going wrong?

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