AR Animal Life – Interactive Learning System

This is probably the coolest thing that I’ve reviewed in 2016! As some of you know I am homeschooling 4-year-old Alice; so I’m always on the lookout for items that make that job easier. I want engaging and FUN!! Let me tell you want! This has both!! AND more!!

ARanimal is a 3 dimensional app that works with a series of cards to bring land animals, sea creatures, birds, insects and dinosaurs to life.

Each of the 100 cards once scanned will pop onto the screen; then a voice (you can choose between U.S. English or British English as well as several other languages) will begin to tell you a description of the animal, bug, marine life or dinosaur along with interesting facts.

Once the animal is on the screen you or your child can take a picture from your device.

I can’t get over how detailed each picture is on the screen. You can move the animal around and even enlarge them to super size!!

The facts about each item is very interesting. For instance did you know that a kangaroo only lives an average of 6 years? REALLY?? I had no idea!!

I have to make these cards our final activity for school time otherwise I can’t get Alice away from ARanimal cards.

Checkout the details!!

The cards are heavy cardboard and will easily last through more than one child.

Once you purchase the card set the app is free. I have not any issues with the cards or the app. It’s extremely easy to use. You are allowed 3 devices per set; which is nice. There is a QR code inside the instructions manual to unlock the app. This app works perfectly for android or IOS devices.

There is even a guessing game in the app. Four cards pop up and the voice says a name (like kangaroo) and you have to guess which of the 4 matches the name.

The box has a tray with the 5 separate stacks. It’s a great place to keep everything together.


I highly recommend ARanimal Preschool Education Cards for interesting facts and detailed pictures. A fun way to learn about so many animals, insects, dinosaurs and ocean life.

I hope that Think Toys has additional cards to add to this set! We would love to have more!!



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