Are you ready to review?? Check out Pollen-8!!

Are you ready to review?

Pollen-8 are expected to start delivering products right to our inboxes in only a week or so!

Some will be products we’ve heard of.  Others will be brand new.  Be sure to connect with the ones you want to review.  Marketers will be instantly notified once you click “connect” and hopefully will choose you too. 
blue_Pollen8er_widgetI personally can’t WAIT to get started!!!  Are you signed up???

Pollen-8 Categories
Business & Money
Electronics & Technology
Fashion & Accessories
Food & Beverage
Home & Garden
Mobile Applications
Travel & Motoring
Sports, Leisure & Hobbies
Wellness & Beauty
Young Innovators


  • Ari T

    Oo so this is how you sign up for review products! This is a good resource to know about if I ever decide to join in on review blogging. I like that they’ve included a categories that include eco-friendly and non-profit! Thanks for sharing!

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