At-A-Glance Desk & Personal Calendars For 2017! #Shoplet

Christmas BannerOne of the best things about this time of year is a new planner!! I am very old school with my planners. I’ve tried to go digital with my calendar but it just doesn’t give me my ‘at a glance’ day. Oh lookie what I just did there!! At-A-Glance!! Who doesn’t recognize that name when shopping for a calendar. This year I am so excited to share my review of the personal size: Vienna Weekly/Monthly appointment calendar along with the desk size: Vienna Weekly/Monthly appointment calendar.

First, these planners are PRETTY!!! In a light lavender color with a beautiful medallion cut out!! The cover is durable with a nice thick poly cover. A soft gray thick vinyl is inside both covers. It’s so pretty!!

Inside is filled with bright and vibrant borders and The classic medallion design is given a twist by pairing it with these vibrant colors.


The die-cut is so pretty and so unique. I’ve never found a calendar this unique before. I am 100% positive this cover will last me the entire year, which is saying A LOT!! I take my calendar with me everywhere! So that is saying a lot.


Inside these calendars is equally as pretty. Bright colors and pretty medallions, swirls and hearts. It’s so pretty. Which is a huge bonus for me because I am one of those crazy ‘decorate your planner’ people. I love the stickers and the pretty doodles, different color ink and on and on. It makes the work I have to do a whole lot easier to do when it’s written on pretty paper! (Well, it does for me anyway!)
img_3726There are strong monthly tabs that are large enough to see and use. There is a monthly view on the tab page.
At a glance calendarAnother major perk of the monthly view is that all of the holidays are printed there. Every single one of them! That is a great perk for me!! I love using the monthly view calendar as 5-year-old Alice’s school calendar. Who knew Kindergarten would have so many commitments?!?
At a glance calendar

Inside the calendar has a week at a time view. With the date in yellow off to the right. And plenty of room to write!! This would make a great bullet journal!! Or a Family Book. When my kids lived at home I knew that there was no way I could keep up with 3 baby books so every January I would start a new “Family Book”. After dinner the five of us shared something that happened during the day. There are new boyfriends, girlfriends of course there are break ups, tests, farts, (yes FARTS), jokes, best friends, friends that the kids don’t even remember now!)  These are amazing books to read now some 18 years later these are HYSTERICAL to read out loud when we are all together. This calendar would be an awesome way to start this tradition. With a smaller amount of space to write it wouldn’t be so intimidating! img_3727There are two sizes. The purse size which is 4 7/8″ by 8″

The desk size is 8 1/2″ by 11″.

In the back of both books is space for contacts; just lined paper you will have to decide how or what to write. There is no printing for contacts. There are also several blank pages to make notes.

In the back of both books is a sturdy Holiday List printed out until 2020. The spiral binding lets you open the book and fold over for easy writing. The paper is a good quality heavy weight so I get no bleed through when I use markers.

Once again Shoplet proves they have ALL the office supplies you need for a home office, blog or business.  Seriously! It doesn’t matter if you need a desk calendar or a personal calendar, cleaning supplies or office furniture Shoplet has it!!

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  • clojo9372

    Honestly I didn’t even know if they made Daily Planners anymore. Everyone is so digitized and use their phones and tablets for everything, I thought these went out of style. I like this a lot, another great gift option! 🙂

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