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Christmas Banner

I am a sucker for packaging. I will seriously buy something for the packaging! A pretty box? I’m in. A pretty boarder? I’m in! Unique packaging? Oh seriously in!! Unkudu goes above and beyond in the packaging alone!!

First, the box itself is pretty. With Unkudu printed inside the box. Then you come too a beautiful cloth bag with embroidery that closes with tiny wooden buttons. Seriously! I was impressed and I hadn’t even gotten to the best part yet!!

Unkudu Earringsunkudu Earrings

The embroidered bag holds a round handmade wooden box. A deep rich color with a beautiful rich lacquer. Seriously the box is as beautiful as the earrings!!
img_3419Inside the beautiful wooden box are a stunning pair of Hawthorne Hand-Crafted Eco-Friendly Natural Lightweight Vegetable Dyed Wooden Earrings by Unkudu. So lightweight, so beautifully detailed and so stunning that any woman would be proud to wear these earrings.
Unkudu Earrings

Unkudu Earrings

Unkudu EarringsThe earrings are handcrafted by dedicated artists that create beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime.

The earrings can be worn all day because they are created from sustainable wood making them very lightweight. The earrings are then dyed with vevegetarian dyes

Each pair of earrings goes through an extensive quality check to ensure you are getting a unique and stunning pair of earrings.

The contemporary design, the beautiful colors, the lightweight wood all work together for a very interesting and beautiful pair of earrings. I love this particular pair of earrings because it has a Christmas vibe going for it with the green and red, however not SO Christmas-y that I can’t wear them year around.
Unkudu Earrings
I am thoroughly pleased with this pair of earrings. From packaging to the earrings themselves. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

There are several styles available on Unkudu’s Amazon Page, each one more unique than the next!! An absolutely perfect Christmas gift!!



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