Audi A3

I picked up my little car  tonight.  MAN she is getting to be an expensive little ‘Princess Mobile!’
But for the last couple of days I’ve been driving Audi’s A3. NICE little car!! Ton’s of room.  Such a soft quiet ride. Power everything. Handles like a dream!  Paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Not to mention being able to sync my phone with the car. THAT was cool!! I really enjoyed driving the A3. BUT….. as soon as I sat in my little TT Roadster……… NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the A3 is a nice grown up car.  BUT my little TT is SO MUCH FUN to drive!! I LOVE my car! I was glad to have the feel of the road and hear my low growl.  I LOVE MY CAR!!!! (Oh wait… maybe I said that already)  But DH can trade his car in for the A3, then on the rare day I feel like a grown up I’ll borrow HIS!!  Ahhhhh best of both worlds!! 

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  • Randy

    YA you hated that little A3 so much, I didn’t even get to drive it once!!

    There is so much room in that A3 it is hard to believe that the foot print is almost exactly the same as the TT. I had to look at them side by side to figure out how they arranged things.

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