Audi TT

Today I thought I would share my car stories.  Most of my regular readers know I watch Baby Alice during the week for my daughter Selena.  We meet in the Lowe’s parking lot and trade cars, she heads off to work and Alice and I head to my house.  

The reason we switch cars is because I drive THE cutest little 2 seater.  Audi TT Roadster.
I know I have to give her up…. I’m a Nonnie and now that all 3 of my Grandbabies are local it’s the responsible thing to do.  But DANG I LOVE this CAR!!!!!!  Isn’t that just the CUTEST CAR EVER?!?!?!?!  It’s soooo much fun to drive!  If you are ever in a bad mood you get behind the wheel, put the top down… instant HAPPINESS!!  Seriously!! 
Sooooooo I’m out running errands with Baby Alice and I pull up next to the 2nd cutest car EVER.. another silver TT exactly like mine!  Now you don’t see my car very often (or at least I don’t so when I do see one I get excited!)  Soooooo little silver TT pulls up next to me and I give him a huge GRIN… two thumbs up!! I mouthed “NICE CAR!!!”  The driver was quite RUDE and gave me the ughhh yea… you wish look and turned his head!!!  R-U-D-E!!! RUDE!! RU…….. ohhhhhhh wait a minute…. I’m not driving a TT I’m driving an old model white Saturn. With a dent on the side.  I didNOT try and make eye contact at the next stop light or the next FIVE after that we were side by side.  Yup yup yup…..  yup… 
My next story pretty much goes with the swappin’ car explanation.  So here is how the conversation with DH went.
DH:  “Does your car need service soon”.  
Me:  “No” 
DH:  “Usually you need service before my car. Are you sure?”
Me:  “I’m positive. Remember I’m not driving as much anymore!”  This was said with my Elvis lip up…. crazy eyes… along with one eye brow up. DUH!!
DH:  giving me the look that says I’ve lost my mind
Me:  “WHAT?!?” 
Me:  “WHAT!?!?”
DH:  “Waaaaait for it…….”
Me:  “Wha……. ohhhhhh” 
Me:  “never mind I don’t want to talk about it anymore”  
DAMN IT!!!!!!   I may not drive my car everyday but my daughter does….. and maybe 2 miles away from where I used to work.  So the car does go the exact same amount of miles that it did last year….
I don’t want to talk about it……. 
YUP…. that’s my day… how was your day?! 

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