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Y’all know 3-year-old Alice and I are in the car A LOT!! How is it possible that a 3-year-old has a better social calendar than I DO?!?! Anyone that travels with a child of ANY AGE knows they bring a lot STUFF and a lot of trash. From Alice and her constant “NaNa I want to bring just ONE thing” Yeah kid… well, NaNa’s car is filled with a months worth of JUST ONE THING!! Okay, so I blame the kids a lot the STUFF in the car but truth is that I also like to have JUST 10 THINGS with me all the time. Since Alice is in a car seat it isn’t a huge deal that I completely cover up the front passenger seat with my stuff; UNTIL anyone else wants me to drive them around. Then I’m throwing things in the backseat some which shouldn’t have been hidden; like over due library books!! ACKK!!!

I was thrilled to be offered this Auto Console Organizer from Perfect Life Idea’s.

I have to start with WOW! THIS is one very HANDY organizer!!

The Auto Console Organizer measures about 7½” wide by 13½” long and about 7¾” high.  My Honda CRV doesn’t have a real middle console it has a storage compartment. This organizer bag does sit on it just fine; but since usually it’s just Alice and I in the car I keep it on the front passenger seat. This organizer makes it so easy to be organized!! There is a main storage compartment which is the perfect size for my books on CD, toys, DVD’s; well basically it’s a large open area for what ever you decide to add. One side of the inside, large compartment is a zippered compartment. Perfect for receipts, maps or other papers, pens and such.

On the outside there are two mesh bags perfect for travel mugs or water bottles. There is also large mesh bag on the outside which I find perfect for paper and a pen. There are also slots for CD’s on the front. One of my favorite features of this organizer is the handles!! When I have a passenger I just grab the organizer and place it in the backseat. DONE!! Everything stays together and organized and no more over due books! YEAH ME!!

MORE TO LOVE!! There are Velcro pads on the bottom of this organizer that keep it firmly in place on the carpet floor. This little gem STAYS PUT!!


NOT a single one!! This organizer is a quality made, strong stitching all the way around. This is a premium Auto Console Organizer. I’m THRILLED!!

I plan on grabbing a second one for Alice to use in the back seat. How perfect would this be for a long road trip!??! Snacks, books, games, everything and anything you need to keep the tot’s occupied!!


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