Angel Craft Podge All-In-One Decoupage Glue Review

I love craft time! I try to do crafts with the Grandkids as often as I can. They have such talent and so much creativity!! I jumped at the chance to review Angel Craft Podge All-In-One Decoupage Glue.

THIS is a great product. It really is ALL-IN-ONE! Including the fact that the brush is included and even attached to the lid. SO convenient! Inside there is also a cover over the decoupage with a hole cut out so that I can wipe the brush before use. WOW! These guys thought of everything!!  That was the first thing that struck me as AWESOME about this product, quickly followed by the fact Angel Craft Podge has only a VERY faint odor. You practically have to put your nose inside the bottle to smell anything. I’m really lovin’ that!

Next, clean up. Could not have been easier. A little soap and water. DONE!

Now the most important points. I have not had any bubbles in my art projects.  I found that this decoupage dries very quickly which is REALLY important when working with the under 6 crowd. They have NO patience! (They must get that from their father’s side!)

I love that Angel Craft Podge is also a glue. I only need this ONE product for my project. Another important feature is my colors don’t smear or bleed. When Emma was 5 she drew me a picture of Elsa, Olaf and the Ice Castle. It was on a very large piece of paper; I’ve been meaning to cut it apart and put it on a canvas. So when my Angel Podge arrived I knew exactly which craft project I was going to try.

I tested a small corner first, I didn’t want to ruin my masterpiece!!  There was NO bleeding at all.

Emma was ONLY FIVE when she did these drawings for me!! 5!!! I can’t even draw a recognizable stick figure!

I added a thin layer of the Angel Craft Podge to the canvas then placed the drawings where I wanted them.  Then I patted the drawing down lightly all over the canvas. Added a top layer of the craft podge and less than 30 minutes the project had dried to a beautiful matte finish and my original work of art was done. HOW cute is that picture?!?!?!?

Made in America.  This 6 ounce bottle will last through a LOT of art projects! It dries Fast and Clear, Low Odor, Non-Toxic & Water Resistant.

This is FANTASTIC for all sorts of crafts! Paper crafting, photo collages, fabrics, wood, canvas and so much more!


Not a single one! This is a fantastic decoupage. From the quality brush attached right to the cap to the fact that it dries fast, clear and once it’s dry it’s UV and water-resistant. Since I work with kids I love the fact that this is Non-Toxic and safe for kids to use. Total winner in my book!


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  • Rosie

    There are so many choices out there, it is hard to know what are good ones! I’m a crafter and now I know a good glue to use for projects like this, I will keep it in mind. This came out so nice!

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