Kinzd® Super Slim Leather Card Wallet Review

I don’t know about you, but there are days that I don’t want to carry a purse. For several reasons, first because my purse is FULL and that means it’s heavy!! Second, I want or need to have my hands frees, like play dates at the park or just running to the grocery store. Check out this Kinzd® Super Slim Leather Card Wallet. This is perfect for the minimalist in me! It’s perfect!

First, it’s thin enough to fit into my back pocket for quick trips. It’s also perfect for my purse because it adds absolutely no weight to my already over stuffed purse.  There is a clear ID window for my driver’s license. Then on the opposite side are two credit card slots; although there is ample room for more cards if you want. Even more to love is the fact that the center is a pocket which I can keep cash or additional credit cards or membership cards.

This slim leather wallet is very well made. The wallet it only 3.5mm thick, that’s just twice as thick as a coin.  Even more impressive is the fact that this wallet weighs in at 20g. I’m thoroughly impressed with the size and weight.

My favorite feature though is this wallet, while very simple in design, is durable. Kinzd uses high quality genuine cowhide leather and PVC from top manufacturer. Made with meticulous stitches this wallet really will be around for YEARS!!  There is an embossed logo on the back-side; it’s very subtle.


Not a single one! The wallet is perfect! The pockets keep the cards very snug. The ID pocket is clear and holds my ID snuggly. This is great to grab and go wallet! This walled it neither feminine or masculine; so it’s perfect for men or women.


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  • Tamra Phelps

    I like how lightweight & small it is. You could carry it in your pocket or slip it into a larger billfold. It would be great if they had other colors, like a brown leather or even bright colors.

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