CarPET Scratch Stopper

Is there anyone out there that can resist a sweet little kitten?? They are so soft, so cuddly and so darn adorable!! Of course those same sweet little kittens don’t realize they have sharp claws and sharp teeth…. but still totally adorable and lovable! AND then; just like thirteen year old children something comes over them and they become little monsters!! Destructive little monsters. For instance, Miss Kitty waits for my Mom to make eye contact before she digs her little sharp claws in the carpet and don’t even get me started on the recliner!! This twelve-year-old cat is like a defiant thirteen year old kid; testing the limits!! Miss Kitty makes eye contact with a look that says “How far can I go before Mama get’s up and swats my butt?” as she tears into the carpet.

I am in awe of the amount of damage that a cat can do to carpet. But, not just carpet but hardwood floors and furniture too. What are your options? Keep your cat in a kennel? Declawing isn’t something that I would want to do. CarPET Scratch Stopper stopped in her claws!! Her terrorizing reign is over!  

Now with even more sizes!!

Carpet scratch 3

Carpet scratch 4

The CarPET Scratch Stopper’s unique, universal design fits a standard U.S. door sizes 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″ and 36″ It couldn’t be easier to use simply place in the doorway. There is no cutting or modifications needed. Simply set it inside the door frame and you are DONE!! Destructive, annoying behavior is instantly eliminated!! The Stopper is maintenance free, strong, durable and long-lasting too! You can walk on it and more importantly it’s thin enough to close your doors over.

Daisy from Modern Cat Magazine with text

The CarPET Scratch Stopper was created by a cat lover who refused to declaw her cats, the patent pending CarPET Scratch Stopper stops cats from scratching carpets at the doorways instantly, without harm to cats or further damage to carpets. The CarPET Scratch Stopper was recently featured on Hauspanther and recommended by Jackson Galaxy; the cat behaviorist featured on My Cat From Hell; on his Facebook page.

All I know is; I’ll be saving money on carpet repairs!

The CarPET Scratch Stopper is safe for your carpet and your cat. AND it prevents that desperate measure of having to declaw your fur baby.

I’m hoping that CarPET Scratch Stopper has something in the works for the couch and the recliner!! THAT would make me a truly happy girl!

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This was brought to you by and CarPET Scratch Stopper. All thoughts and ideas are my own.




  • Sandra Watts

    I don’t have a cat but I think that is great. During the damp weather my doors will expand or something and they will scrape and drag on the floor. Not always, just when it is wet out after a lot of rain.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This is a great idea. I could reallly use a couple of these for my cat. She is really an outdoor cat but likes to come in once in a while. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Kristin Knudsen

    I have two cats! One is about to be 18, and the other is almost 8! I haven’t had the problem you have, with the carpet by the doors. But, I have never purchased “new” furniture! I take whatever someone is willing to give/sell me! Because my couch has become their bed, their scratching post, and their vomitorium! I keep my couch covered with sheets and blankets, so I can wash them regularly!! There is cat hair everywhere, but I am the only person who has to put up with it!!!

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