Magnetic Car Air-Vent Phone Mount Review

I swear, not only are the phones getting smaller, but now even the mounts for our cars are smaller. This one is pretty sweet!! It’s an Amazon TOP-RATED DESIGN with 108 Five Star Reviews and it’s easy to see why. This is a magnetic phone mount that works for all phones. There are no bulky clamps, no arms or springs to break. This mount is super compact and very low profile. You don’t even realize it’s there it’s so small. But, don’t let the small size fool you, the magnet on this little guy is STRONG!!

I can’t imagine that you will be able to find an easier phone holder anywhere around. This phone mount fits snugly into the AC vent, I’ve had it in my vent for 3 weeks now and it hasn’t budged. There are 3 metal plates included in the package so both my husband and I can use the mount. Open the back of your phone and place one of the three metal plates inside. Once your cover is back in place; simply touch your phone to the amazingly STRONG magnet in the AC vent and your phone will hold tight!!
I love that this mount is so low profile you don’t even see it!! One of the biggest bonuses for me is the fact that there are no big suction cup rings on my windshield.

Take the Infernal Innovations® mount out of the car and insert a credit card to convert it into a desk stand. Which is amazing for keeping toddlers occupied in the restaurant before the food arrives. Just don’t do what I did and forget that’s where the credit card is and proceed to panic and dump out the entire contents of your purse looking for said credit card!! WHERE is my brain anymore?!?!

Since it is so little if you’re traveling just put it in your pocket to use it on a plane ride, coffee shop or your own kitchen. It’s a truly handy little guy!

Since it’s a magnet you place your phone the way you want it not the way the phone holder makes you!! If you want your phone in portrait mode? Just set it on the magnetic that way. There’s no ball joint to turn, only beautiful magnetic hold that firmly holds your phone exactly where you want.

Also, don’t worry about your phone being damaged, the Infernal Innovations® has a rubberized head that works perfectly with the quad magnet array so that your phone is protected from scratches and so that it won’t slide off! The four strong magnets provide the piece of mind that your phone will be held gently but firmly exactly where you need it to stay. Multiple ways of inserting the metal plate guarantee that you will be able to use your phone with this product! Simply hold your device near the magnetic head and it will attach firmly to the phone mount.


Not a single one! You won’t find an easier phone holder to use. The magnet is strong EVEN on bumpy roads! I’m lovin’ this magnetic phone mount !!


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