Remodel Update September 10th!

I know y’all are on the edge of your seats with my remodeling project! So, here’s my September update.

I know you are probably tired of hearing this but remodeling is a dirty job!! My house is dusty. VERY. Dusty!!  This fine layer of dirt is everywhere. From ground into the carpet to the top of window sills.  I wonder if it will ever be clean again!

Next revelation? Remodeling is a slow process. I painstakingly slow process. Having no previous experience I had no idea what to expect. Real life is not an HGTV 30 minute show. Real life takes months.

Cupboards took 16 weeks to arrive. Once they arrived we had to schedule the contractor.  Then there is that @#*(&#(@* window that took forever to get moved. (take a deep breathe Connie; it’s moved now. It’s all good!)

Before the move.
Before the move
after move
After move of window




















The window got moved; then a new kink happened. One side of the window has 9″ to the cabinets the other only 6″. Insert a very deep sigh. NOW WHAT!?! Do we rip out the cabinets and start over?!?! Just breathe………..

I will keep you updated on how this new dilemma plays out.

We have an appointment to measure the cabinets so we can order the counter tops. Guess how long that wait is?!?!  Could be 2 months before those are installed.

There is just so much left to do; it’s really overwhelming!!  We still have carpeting and tile work for the floors. THEN I can have the moving company deliver our furniture and boxes. Remodeling is stressful and painfully slow. (AND DIRTY!!)

On the upside; I do have extra time to check out the online deals at Sello!

Check out my new light over the kitchen island! Doesn’t that look amazing?! Thankfully The Husband is truly handy and an electrician to boot!

old kitchen lamp
Old lamp
New lamp
New Lamp












How awesome is that lamp!??!

After the light was up I noticed the frame around the ceiling lights doesn’t look quite right; now The Husband is up on a ladder painting them.  Am I lucky or what?  I sit here shop, dream of having a kitchen again and he paints. Yes, I am spoiled.




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  • Kate Sarsfield

    So glad you made the window larger. When we moved into this house the living room/kitchen was really dark & practically ignored the view over the valley so Dad (with a little help from your’s truly) knocked out a wall (great for stress relief!) and put in sliding patio doors. Much better!

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