Well………… I’m BACKKKKK! Again!!

I was so excited to have my Internet back yesterday. It lasted all of 3 minutes and 4 seconds!  Yup, I posted “I’m BACK!” and the Internet minions said “WANNA BET?!?!”

3 HOURS (yes, you read that correctly! THREE hours!) on the phone with tech support. Thank heavens for the speaker option and long battery life on my phone!

I’m also very thankful to have reached a tech support guy that was, not only very helpful but EXTREMELY patient!!

NOW, I have Internet again!!  Shhhhhh don’t tell the Internet Minions!

Tech support has to be a truly thankless job. To me this would be the most frustrating, irritating job EVER!! I could imagine the tech’s desk to have this sign next to him:

I personally, would NOT make a good computer support tech my answer too many times would be: “Do you still have the box your computer came in? Yes? Good. Package up your computer real good and return it to the store because you shouldn’t own a computer”

Yes, I know that’s mean and I’d be unemployed before my second phone call.

Thank heavens the tech support we received was so patient!! He walked me through step by step into areas I swear I didn’t know my computer had! I’m also glad he didn’t tell me to return my computer!

Talk about computer knowledgeable!! From knowing your IP address To knowing what boxes to check and un-check to get your computer running faster with no hick ups. Thanks to his help I have a steady connection even in the middle of no where Sandpoint, Idaho!

Mountain living might be amazing for the view, the peace and quiet. The constant arrival of furry critters for me to photograph, however for a steady signal for Internet access it’s not that great. That’s really hard when you are trying to keep up a blog!

Anyway, that was a long drawn out way of saying I’m BAAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK again!


  • Kate Sarsfield

    It’s only when your techy support gets to recognise the sound of your voice and knows the names of your children should you consider giving up!

  • CJ

    LOL! Congrats! Life without internet drives me absolutely bonkers. yes I know there was life before it for thousands of years but once you get dependent on it, not having feels like going through withdrawal symptoms… lol. 😉

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