Awesome Set Of Beach Toys! Review

How to make friends when your four? Well, you have a NaNa that get’s to review really cool stuff for one! Alice is on the shy side but when I brought out this set of Beach Toys from Prextex, Alice had every kid within eye site wanting to be her friend! Ummm now we have to learn that whole ‘sharing’ thing!

We are getting so much use out of this awesome set!  Between the beach, park, pool or even in the bathtub!! This is a FUN set!! First, everything is brightly colored and sized for little hands.  Besides the toys you get the heavy clear plastic case with large yellow sturdy handles and a heavy zipper but you also get a mesh bag which is perfect for trips to the beach!! Using the mesh bag we actually leave the sand and sea at the sea! Besides the 2 bags the set includes:
A sifter
2 Castle Molds
6 Cute Animal Molds
An Adorable Watering Can
1 Rake and 1 Shovel

Alice never gets tired of playing in the dirt, building sand castles or just carting water from the ocean to her sand creations; normally while wearing a Princess dress!

There is so much to love about this set! From the bags to the toys! The NaNa’s car always has too many toys in it; seriously you would think these were my kids!! So, I am thrilled that this set comes with not just one case but two! Everything in its place! (At least with the Beach Toys anyway!)

Each toy is made of a nice sturdy plastic. These will not only last all summer but will actually be around for NEXT summer as well!!

There are five colorful animals a rabbit, turtle, dinosaur, crocodile, and an alligator. The rake and shovel each have handles that were the perfect size for Alice’s little hands. Of course Alice’s favorite piece is the watering can. It’s so cute! It actually looks like a cartoon watering can to me. So cute!!  There is a small sand casBeachToys1tle and a larger castle as well each with bricks in the mold. These make awesome sand castles!
I love that the sifter top snaps onto the large castle bottom and everything fits inside. Which also makes it super easy to keep everything together.


How can you whine about a fun, brightly colored well made Beach Toys?! One that will actually last through the entire summer and NEXT summer too?!?!



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