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Always There Bear Book Review

I’ve shared with you before how much Alice loves reading! Whether it’s a bedtime story or in the middle of the day; this kid will drop everything for story time. We are thrilled to share with you our review of Always There Bear. Written by Trudi Granger and illustrated by Gareth Llewhellin. This is a precious book. The story is heartwarming. Your Always There Bear is just that! Always there with you, protecting, watching out and ready for a cuddle any time!! The illustrations are perfect, so sweet!!

Always There Bear helps you if your grumpy or sick. He’s there for you when your happy too; because he IS your Always Their Bear!

Alice is in a pirate phase, Jake and The Neverland Pirates to be exact. There is a page in Always There Bear dressed like a pirate; Alice makes me read that page several times over and over; EACH and EVERYtime I read this book to her. Yesterday she even found a bandanna for HER Always There Bear so he could be just like the bear in the book.

Always There Bear is so sweet and the PERFECT book to read to relax before bed.

Whether you’re at the beach or hiding inside on a rainy day; whether you’re having tea with a friend or reading a book by yourself; whether you’re happy and bouncing or grumpy or sick, it’s always nice to have an always there bear. He can play with you, cuddle you, and snuggle you to sleep. He likes birthdays and trampolines and sand castles and puddles. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired or sulky or shy or scared—you’ll never be lonely with your bear by your side. He will keep you company, he will cheer you on, and he will even make you feel braver. He always understands you, and most importantly, he promises to love you, forever and always, no matter what.

This sweet, beautiful book would be a FANTASTIC gift for any child!! Of course I believe it should accompany a brand new Teddy Bear friend too!! (Maybe a bandanna too…. ya know….just sayin’)

Always There Bear is geared for kids 2 to 5 years old. Alice is 3 and LOVES it!! This book is 32 pages long; don’t worry tired parents, even though it’s 32 pages, it’s a quick read. The hardback copy is a larger size book; 10.1″ by 10.3″ by 0.6″.

Alice and I highly recommend this book!!


NOT a single one!! Alice requests this book over and over and I’m enjoying the extra cuddle time while I read it to her! I can’t possibly whine about that.



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